Water is good in small amounts… ONLY!

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Kodiak has been very agitated since Friday. It’s something so bad he’s hitting us, pulling our hair, biting, scratching, head butting us and hitting his own head. The weather pattern on Friday and Saturday was awesome in my eyes… But maybe not his. It was patchy clouds, sun and quick patchy rain showers.

Yesterday was somewhat better but not totally. He’s also been on an antibiotic since Tuesday. I’m wondering if it affects his other meds.

Anyway. He enjoyed his bath but kept dunking his head under water. I finally said enough. He seemed ok. He went to sleep on the couch snoring. I carried him to bed. Then I also went to bed. Both Symone and Colt also went to bed.

The next thing is at 2:30 am I heard Colt yelling at me that something was wrong…

I couldn’t wake up. I heard him again and yelled. “What’s wrong?” He was standing by the upstairs bathroom and Kodi was also there soaking wet. I looked at the floor and saw it flooded. I realized then the trouble and was suddenly awake. I pulled Kodi out and handed him to Symone who got dry things on him. Colt began the process of mopping up water. He had to dump out cabinet drawers etc. I ran downstairs to assess damage.

I heard water running. I looked and that was wet in the bathroom and kitchen area. Then I ran to the basement and again heard water running. The mechanic room and laundry room is also flooded. Water was pouring in on me.

I turned off power to de-humidifier. I ran back up and worked on kitchen and bathroom areas. But then the fire alarms began to go off. I sat down and cried and prayed. I didn’t know what to do! I told kids to turn off all power and the alarms went off. We worked by flash light.

We sat in the living room praying what to do next since we don’t know why we didn’t wake up and hear him running water. How do you tell a DeafBlind kid who loves water that he was naughty! How does he understand he did something wrong! He was having so much fun.

We then had the alarms going off again. At this point I was not sure what to do next. Call landlord? I called 911. I asked them to send the fire dept to make sure we didn’t have sparks or anything but to please keep sirens off.

They told me to get family outside. I had kids sit on the step. But it’s 51 degrees out and we were all wet. An officer arrived and asked if we were ok. He asked if kids were warm enough. Both he and I went inside and he took out a battery of smoke alarm. Water poured out. He told fire chief to still come. He came and we ended up turning off power to our place. We don’t have fire but we have water damage. I texted contact person for work. We don’t have power and I have to get this figured out. They told wait to call landlord until morning because everything has been done that needs to be until its light out.

I hope my landlord doesn’t kick us out. But we have a mess and no power. So I won’t be using phone much…

I’m at a loss as to how to help my kid understand. The police officer said my landlord should be understanding. I need some kind of alarm in my kid now. I worry about his safety. Well and ours. I don’t know why non of us heard him up. Exhaustion? He went into the bathroom and shut the door… And had a water party. I will check to see if the redness on him looks like burns or was just cold when we have daylight. It didn’t look burned and he feels very cold. But we can’t tell by flashlight.

Kids are asleep now. But I’m feel like I’m falling apart. I’ll be ok. Just worried about dad and mom as well and NOW this! I can’t be mad at my kid. I’m really not. It’s no ones fault. He loves water. He was snoring when we put him into bed. We just were all sleeping so hard and never heard him. So I have to figure out some things now.


Towels not from swimming but from mopping up water…. πŸ™

I know it will be costly! I know I need to figure out some type of alarm now for my kid. His safety and our safety are at risk….

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  1. I am sure this was very scary for Kodi & yourselves. Looking in from my own DB experience, I see a child who is learning to be independent @ understanding more about his world than you may realize. I know you have taught him “No”, so continue to teach him by explains what he does well & what he does that is unsafe. He may not get it at first, but many times later, I think he will. Now as far as safety for him, there are alarms that you can get for his door to let you know if he leaves his room. There may even be ones to let you know he got out of bed if you are concerned about safety in his room. You are a wonderful mom who is doing well with her kids-all of them. Keep on loving & teaching. You are making progress.

    • Thank you for your thoughts. As always coming from someone who faces the same struggles to communicate but has succeeded in doing so is helpful to me. He’s a smart boy locked up in his world right now… Soon he will tell me. πŸ™‚

  2. I have seen “bed alarms”. I think some lie under the sheet (? not sure ?) and when the sleeper gets off of the bed the alarm goes off. I hope you can find something that helps.

  3. Oh my goodness! How completely nerve wracking. I’m glad that everyone is okay. I hope the clean up process doesn’t take too long and that the landlord is understanding. And I hope you figure out a solution for Kodi… The bed alarm idea was the first thing I thought of… along with maybe turning off the valves for your sink faucets/locking bathroom doors at night… but that would get tedious real fast and may not be feasible anyway depending on nighttime bathroom habits. Fingers crossed that you figure something out soon, and in the meantime my thoughts and prayers will be with you!

    • Yes well this ranked right up there with smearing bodily functions all over the bathroom and bedroom etc. however this is clean water! We have a noisy house tonight with about a dozen fans. (I like it quiet– not a “fan” of white noise) we found two alarms but since there are fans and tripping hazards it has been voted he sleeps in my room by me. My bathroom door closed and I’m looking into a tether to put on him or something. I’m just about ready to drop over with so little sleep! I found some things we are going to try and then Post about of course! I’ve also been on the phone today with Apple to develop a product… KODI will be their proto type guienni pig! LOL!

      • Wow! Go Apple! I hope they can come up with something great. And I hope you manage to get some sleep. :-/ I don’t sleep well with noisy fans running either…

  4. I am so very glad that everyone is OK. And that you called the fire department. Our thoughts are with you.

  5. Oh no. I hope everything turns out OK with your landlord and that this is a one-time thing.

  6. My gosh! God bless you all.

  7. Yes it was a rude awaking and a huge mess. Always could have been worse however and we got through the worst!

  8. My inbox is a bit backlogged, so just reading this now… and oh my goodness! You are one strong lady, to continually hold everything together as you do! ❀ I hope the Apple prototype idea works out πŸ™‚ That could be really exciting!