Vacation is over!

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He was looking better.


The kids walked the pup. They took Kodiak with and he loved it.



Nana came up and we reserved a spot for her… LOL not really!!!


We packed, shopped and got so much done and the next morning headed to Rochester MN. The kids went swimming and Colt and Symone took good care of Kodiak and he actually swam on his own. YEAH!





Kodi did awesome with his cane walking! Symone and Colt had a small part in the program that we attended and we didn’t have any hard times.

We had several appointments the go to over the next three days on Monday – Wednesday. Among them included an X-ray on Kodi’s head again. Swelling doesn’t have any change. Then we went to his ENT And he has sinus issues again. Kodi had his assessment for the federal grant for equipment for the DeafBlind. We are hoping for the APPLE iSomething product. 🙂
Symone had her MRI. All 3 kids saw the dentist. I had a couple of appointments and we were busy.



We had to go to MOA to exchange Colt’s iPhone. The power button quit like Symone’s did a few months ago. Thank goodness for the Apple Care Plus.
Now it’s Wednesday night and I’m exhausted! Back to work tomorrow!
We played games tonight and took a walk. The weather is beautiful.

🙂 Every ones asleep!!! Please keep quiet! Everyone out on the street!


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  1. Glad he is on the mend!

  2. Never a good idea to wake the bear. Glad everyone is doing good!

  3. Summer is going so fast this year.