My little grizzly on the mend…

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So my last post kind of needs updating. I took the stitches out at the proper time I was told. Since the smallest cut was on eye lid, that is still very swollen and bruised, it was the first on I took out. He didn’t mind at all. But I was very hesitant to do the 3. They just didn’t look ready. So we waited another day. Later that evening he was testing his limits and decided to venture downstairs. I was down in basement typing something up when I heard what sounded like Colt dumping his bucked of baseballs down the stairs. i was about to yell at him when I heard giggling and saw Kodi laying head down and feet up on the stairs. I felt a panic. But I relaxed quickly when he kept laughing and giggling. He took my hands and jumped up. I took him upstairs and looked him over. I only saw small scrape on shoulder and nothing else. He was acting totally fine and used everything like normal. WHEW! Needless to say his head and eye are still swollen from that other incident. So I’m watching him closely for any signs of pain or injury.

The next night I took the top stitch out of the three. The other two seemed like it was a bad idea. I’m so glad I waited…. So I will jump around a little….

Remember Kodiak has storm issues. So Tuesday morning last week I was up getting ready for work and Kodi (still in my room as I don’t trust him with those stitches) jumped up and spun around in circles. He flopped on my bed and then spun around on my bed and pulled blankets back up over his head. Hmmm! “Odd” I thought to myself. I looked at weather and we had t-storms in the forecast. Symone had to go to her last drivers Ed classroom class but I was already at work. I looked off to the west and saw the sky absolutely BLACK! I texted her to get to school early or she will be drenched. She had seen the forecast and radar and went early. Then it was severe t-storm warning for our town. I was 12 miles west and told Colt to get Kodi in the basement. At 8:58 am they were getting the worst of it by then and Colt called me at work and asked, “do I have to let his teacher in? ” Kodi’s vision teacher was coming at 9:00 am. He was in the basement and didn’t want her coming since there was a warning. I told him yes and go check she might be at the door. My co-worker had to run in during the heaviest down pour and she was soaked. All I could think was Kodi’s teacher who will soon have a baby is probably standing out side waiting for him to open the door.
Colt said Kodi was spinning… Poor kiddo!

Anyway, that afternoon Kodi got agitated and hit himself in the eye. My kids texted me that the small cut pulled apart. I was telling a coworker and she told me to put steri stops on it. They gave me a couple. When I got home I ended up removing the stitches and putting the strips on. He seemed totally fine with it. Now if he hits it will help hold it together longer. 🙂

Wednesday night was beautiful. We went on our 3 to 4 mile walk. Kodi was so happy. When we got home and him in he’d we notice he pulled those strips off… Grrrr. So we put more on.

Friday I was off work early. My kids were so excited to show and tell some fun things. Kodi had a PCA watching him and so they went outside. There was a mama duck with her 9 ducklings. However, as she waddled through the yard two fell in our window well. Colt jumped in to rescue them. However, another one fell down the city sewer drain and they kept hearing it but could not reach it. Then another on disappeared. She ended up with only 7. But they did save 2.
They had to pick up the babies to get them out of the window well. She was very happy to get them back.
Here’s photos they tried to take… iPhones and movement you can’t always get the focus but cute anyway.







And TA DA!!! My favorite!


Aren’t they so cute. Slightly worried mama duck would reject them but she didn’t. She must have realized there was no way she could get the. Out of the window well.

Anyway, Saturday morning around 2:30 am to 3:00 am Kodi jumped up and spun around in circles and the kept it up. I had Symone find the weather radio because it looked like we had storms moving in. She ended up laying on one side of him while I was on the other side. He would not stop spinning. This kept up all through the storm until about 7:30 am. It was exhausting. But you know what? My eyes were closed and covered. I think I could feel when there was a lightening strike. It’s more electricity in the air. I was actually in a cabin in the north woods BWCA on a top bunk when lightening struck just feet away and I felt like someone shoved all the air out of my lungs. And I couldn’t move. So being DeafBlind I wonder if he feels prickly? Or something? He’s becoming more and more accurate with timing or storms.

So now his stitches are looking better just still a lot of swelling in eye and head area. But much better. I’m sure he will be so much happier. He was so excited to have a bath instead of showers. And I got to trim his hair too. But with swelling on head just did parts of it.

Well I’m off to slumber land. I’m exhausted! And he’s back in his bed. I think we are ok with cuts. Looks pretty healed up.

Good Night kiddos!!! I sure do love you!

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  1. So glad to hear he is on the mend 🙂 !

  2. The baby ducks are so cute 🙂

  3. It’s so good to hear Kodi is on the mend 🙂 I’m wondering too, what type of sensation he feels with approaching storms. And … awwwe … those ducklings are super-cute ❤

    • I know… I just had to share on our post other things unrelated to Kodi… Just for fun and to show we really love life and find joy in all kinds of things… 🙂

      • Ohhh, no worries about that… You’ve clearly shown your love of life and daily choice to find joy in all kinds of things ❤

  4. The baby ducks are so cute! And so fluffy! The duck I was holding just sat there in my hands and colts duck was so vocal and freaking out. It was so cool to hold them.

  5. They are so cute, those ducks! I’ve never been too close to lightening but now I’m quite curious how different people might be able to feel its energy.

  6. Those ducks are just too cute, I’m glad the kids were able to rescue two of them. I hope you have gotten some sleep since you wrote this post 🙂