Grizzly vs grizzly equals trip to ER

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I’ve been too busy to even think about all that has happened this past week. But we got some sun at a water park and my mom and my brother’s girls came up for a few days. I love those girlies.

Symone has been taking the driver’s education classes and well she passed the permit test. She has a couple more days of class and then next winter will start the behind the wheel part of the course…. Oh! Boy my life is changing so quickly!

My darling mom did some sewing for Symone and I. Very sweet. The girls were dolls. My kids were so excited to have them here. I wish I didn’t have to work this week.

Tuesday I got off work about 4:00. About 10 minutes before I walked in the door Kodiak was having fun jumping and dancing with the kids when he fell and hit my chainsaw carved bear. He does this spinning thing and you can’t grab him quick enough. Anyway, I’m not sure which grizzly actually won but by the looks of Kodiak’s eye and face he got the raw end of the deal. So I walked in and saw my mom holding a cool wash rag on his face. When I looked at it I could tell it was deep enough he needed stitches. Now the trouble is… How and who and where. I called his clinic and they felt given he can’t be told to hold still and may need sedation to just go to Children’s ER. The 4 kids made arrangements to go he with friends while my mom and I took him to ER. They numbed his face with gel. In the mean time tried to figure out a plan of action. They decided on X-rays to make sure surgery wasn’t required. Well that was a challenge. Several X-rays taken just to get 3 views. He would sense they were about to take photo… Probably because I would even hold my breath… And he would giggle and move all over…

Well finally we were done with that and headed back to our room. After awhile it was decided the best treatment was to give him a happy drug to make him feel like he didn’t care. He needed one stitch in eye lid. Then 3 on cut beside his eye. What a trooper… So here’s the photo… If you are faint of heart don’t look….

Before stitch:


And after the job is done:


Funny thing is he never cried… He just giggled! But then he got to sleep in my bed. That way I could wake up the second he does. We have to keep him from pulling those stitches out or hitting his eye. He is so cute all snuggled with his puppy.


I had off on the 4th. I took the older kids mini golfing. Kodi stayed with Nana and visited with GG and my M&M’s sister and her husband.


Then we all got some lupper as we like to call it… Late lunch early supper.



You see we had a water park in our plans. But stitches kind of ruins those plans. Kodiak can’t get a bath or go swimming. Shower is ok. But we have to soak his cuts 3 times a day and put Bacitracin on it as well. We can take them out in 5 to 7 days but we have to avoid infection… So since he keeps batting his head every opportunity he is sleeping next to me. He’s been a wee bit agitated but for the most part is ok.

I’ve finally gotten over my cold. Symone’s ankle is trying to mend. Poor Nana and her bloody noses. My nieces were so sweet. On Wednesday evening we went for a little drive in our state park. Saw some deer and the kids ran around a little. We got home and those kids wanted to walk. So I took those 4 on a walk. My mom sat with Kodiak as he slept. The next night we walked again. I love those kids. I look at the photos of them when they were tiny… Wow! They grow up so fast. They all went home on Friday. I think they are all exhausted! Anyway! We are being low-key now.

Kodi is looking better. He’s so cute and one tough fighter. Grizzly all the way. I’m guessing being DeafBlind and having balance issues this is not the last of these types of injuries. We try our best to keep him safe. But after all he’s a little boy. He wants to do things. Run, jump, climb, explore!!! Problem is he can’t see. So we try our best but there will be times we can’t avoid him getting hurt. Since he finds humor in it and giggles I guess we have to realize he’s ok and just find the humor in it as well.

I love you my little bear cub. Please hibernate all night tonight and rest peacefully. And my bigger bear cubs? I love you and am so very proud of you.

Thank you E, A and Nana for coming up, all the help and fun. Love you all and glad you are home save. Miss you already.


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  1. Kids are so resilient. My daughter fell and hit the coffee table when she was about four, and I ran her to the emergency room two-blocks away. Bright blond hair dripping with crimson…..eww.

    My son made it out of childhood without much of a scratch, go figure.

    Now I start all over with grand-children, so far, neither of them hurt on my watch.

    Seems like most kids are little whirling-dersvishes…surprising more of them don’t get hurt.

    Good post.

  2. I’m glad your Grizzly won!

  3. Yes, I am happy your Grizzly is okay. Can’t imagine what it’s like to live in his quiet world. He certainly is a teacher. What a loving child!

    • Yes. I really hope he learned from it. But I doubt it. He’s just so trusting that we can always catch him… He does now out his arms out when he falls… He has not always done that.

  4. When I saw the photo, my heart sank but I’m glad it was for a good cause ~ sounds like he was having a fun time.

    • He only was agitated at first and until they got the numbing gel on. Then he was back to his wild self. He loves his cousins, brother and sister. He loves to play and jump and spin. We try to keep him safe but at times he just gets away from us. At least he’s so happy!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Glad he wasn’t too injured and it was just a couple stitches… of course he wouldn’t mind them too much, he is a grizzly after all. πŸ˜‰ Hooray for family being super helpful.

    • No kidding! I just took one stitch out tonight out of his eye lid. It was the smaller cut but I don’t think the other three are ready yet. But he’s starting to pick at them… πŸ™

      • Oh no! Mittens, so he can’t get a good grasp? Or will that bug him too much?

        • Mittens good idea… But it’s a bit hot!

          • Yeah… I kind of figured. And I guess we can’t really just let him pick at them either, even though chicks do dig scars. πŸ˜‰ How about some sort of a local numbing agent so he can’t feel that the stitches are there?

  6. Your little guy is so tough and such a happy guy too, take care, Annie

  7. Uh ohhh… as the squeamish one in the bunch, I admit to fast-forwarding over the pics πŸ™ So glad to hear he’s okay!!! This post reminds me of my blog’s “luv β€˜n stitches for our tired old world!” tag lineβ€”but this time Kodi’s got the stitches & you guys give the love ❀

  8. I’m glad he’s OK, too bad he couldn’t help messing with the stitches, but looks like you got a work around on that. I also have a permit driver in my house πŸ™‚

    • Those permits…. Teeth chattering and white knuckles… Mine will be doing behind the wheel starting in February…. 😳

      • We got a permit in March and will test for the full license in February. I have been trying to have her log as many hours as possible with me in the car, because that is how you learn right? It’s fine, but the first time we were done I was shaking.