Storms, storms, storms….

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This post is less about Kodi and more about our surroundings lately and how everyone here has been affected.

It began with our NOAA weather radio going off early Friday am. I had it set to go off on a few counties surrounding us mostly north-west, west and south-west of us as it gives us a little more warning. My kids watched the weather and nothing saying severe storm warning for our county. But others were. It talked about wind damage and power outages and flooding. We took a few precautions and then waited. As it moved closer Symone and Colten took the sleeping Kodi to the basement. Kodi was so confused as to why we were in the basement and he was not in his bed. He kept standing up and spinning. (That Spinning stopped again and now?) I waited and watched and tried to charge my phone. I moved from upstairs to the main level and realized the noise I was hearing was familiar to when I lived in Oklahoma for a couple of years and experienced several tornadoes. I went by the stairs leading to the basement but was watching out a window when I saw 4 big trash bins driving east on a street. Then I saw the wind and rain and the many directions things were flying. I told kids it was like a very small twister. I began going into the basement when the power went completely out. That was at 4:15 am about. We tried to sleep since we were in the basement. I got up at 5:30 to see if I could tell if we had power. Nope! I texted a co-worker asking is she had power and if the clinic was without power… how do I get in… 🙂 she had power. So much for really getting ready… I have to say I looked pretty bad! No way to see to get dressed etc.

As I left the house there still was no power. Also I couldn’t believe all the trash bins. Our trash pick up was days before. I couldn’t figure out where they all came from. The next thing I noticed was the fallen trees and twisted branches by my home. As I continued driving I was seeing firetrucks, bulldozers etc and it was alarming. Then seeing power out everywhere was weird. Businesses closed and stop lights of. No power anywhere. I needed coffee… But it was closed. I drove to our clinic and saw power so I went to coffee shop and several others said they came from our town as well…
Then alerts from school telling everyone that the summer school was closed. NO POWER! As the morning went along the power outage reports grew. Not just our whole town but others as well and including the twin cities. My grandma is in assisted living and is still without power. I want to go pick her up but there is the stair issue.

Our power at our house came back on around 8:00 am kids said…


They have stop signs they open when lights are down…


Some trees down in neighborhood.


The sidewalk was lifted up!

When I got home from work Friday they were talking about more storms moving in. I got kids supper and in driving around a little we saw all the large trees down just in our small area. Colt was concerned about how much less oxygen we will have to breathe now.

Then we got home. My throat was hurting really bad. I thought it was just the allergies. Yesterday (Saturday) was even worse. Last night I had to take something as my eyes were watering and face hurting and I realized it’s not allergies but an all out summer cold. Not today my voice is deep and raspy and my kids would rather I didn’t talk. I’m coughing as well.

Anyway so Friday around 7:30 we realized we were going to get the next big round. My kids again headed to the basement. I stayed upstairs and tried to make out what was happening. The wind has crazy. But the amount if rain coming down was unbelievable. I went to look out my back window and was shocked to see this:


It’s so dark and hard to see. But we don’t have water here ever… This came up to the siding on the house. The AC unit was an island. It was up to the bottom step on our deck. The big sewer drain? I couldn’t get it on camera but was shooting water up like a geyser. It was trying to drain but couldn’t keep up.


It was getting lighter out


My deck looked more like a dock.

When the rain finally left the waters began to go down.


We could see the grass again. We went and talked to neighbors. We all still had power. Some basements (not mine) took on water. And we had more trees down.

I went to bed. Kodi and kids fell asleep in basement because we had more moving in. We needed sleep. We charged up our phones. When those storms arrived I never heard them. The kids stayed up watching weather because they wanted to make sure I guess. We just got a lot more rain.

Saturday when Kodi got up Symone fed him and I took over. Kodi and I lounged on my bed. I was not feeling well and Colt slept until 11:00. Symone had gone back to bed. Kodi was a pistol. He wanted to play.
We went to grocery store and home. Saw more trees down again. We came home. Watched movies. Then my dad texted me photos from the area he lives in SW Wisconsin. They had 11 inches and washed out roads.


Look by the bridge and you can tell the water is way too high!


Water is not supposed to be there!

This next one makes me a little sad!!! Stranded on an island.


Poor cows. Hopefully not stranded for too long!

Anyway, in all of this Kodi has not hit as much as he does sometimes. But he is very mellow. He sleeps and even the full moon has not affected him as much. He cries at times and we have all been so exhausted he just wants to lounge around. So we give him back rubs, rubbed his head, joint compressions (he requests quite a bit and then giggles) and lotion.

The stormy pattern is not expected to end in near future here so there may be more. I’m still watching my kid because of deer tick.

I know may other families have home and autos destroyed by the wind and trees. Also a huge sink hole on the news and a woman died when her trailer home was picked up and slammed down. It’s not as bad as the EF5 tornadoes that hit Oklahoma last month. So we are thankful. My heart goes out to everyone still dealing with those. The river in our town is rising and about to hit flood stage. It is expected to rise. What we get here affects those down river. So this is not over for those south of us.

Respect weather and have your storm kits ready and be careful.

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  1. Take care and hope the rain ends soon.

  2. I’m glad you’re safe. Your kids are so awesome. Be well!

  3. Wow! God bless you guys! Maybe the cows were thinking, “Gee, I always wanted to live on an island.” Then another one said, “It’s my island!” (Braveheart reference. Couldn’t help myself. Sorry.)

    • Yes! As they were chewing their cud one said “if you were stuck on an island who would you want to be with?” The others said “You idiot! Have you looked around lately? We are stuck with each other!”

  4. Storms can really be dangerous uprooting trees with heavy rain. I’ve had two incidents that happened to my home. The first was a tornado that uprooted the big oak tree in front of my house and crashed it against one corner and the other when lighting split in half my other 100 year old oak in the backyard crashing half of it against my new roof. Thus,sadly these were my 2 losses of some of my favorite trees that happened “in the past ten years.” Hope everyone is okay where you are.

  5. We’ve had some wicked weather here too. We do have emergency kits and everything, but it is still frightening to live through.

  6. Yeesh… so much flooding everywhere, this year! Hope those cows got home before they had to start thinking who to vote off the island 😉 Hope you guys stay safe ‘n dry ❤