With summer comes the creepy critters!

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My day began with Kodiak crashing and banging his way to find his sister early this morning. He has not discovered or realized his brother is just above him in the top bunk. My room is just too far away. So since his sister is just around the corner away he goes but the noise in the process is so loud. I had to go to work so I went to them and said “I love you. Sorry I have to go to work.” And tousled their hair.

I was so tired this morning and had to pick up caffeine. I was so groggy. There was a man in there that asked me “Do you have a couple of kids that come in here?” After describing them he said “They are the nicest kids and so polite and kind and respectful. We have so many that come in here and very few are nice.” Well who needs caffeine after a comment like that from a stranger. Well I was soooo groggy I still needed to wake up but it was nice to know. I knew Symone was awake so I called her “Hey do you know a guy with dark hair and glasses at *******?” She said “Yes.” and I told her what he said. Then I thanked her. Colt had to wait until later…

I headed off to work but everyone a lot of people in an unusual number were going the same direction very

S L O W L Y!

Sigh! Just go along. I crossed the river and realized that now I was following a school bus somehow. I thought to myself “You have got to be kidding me! School is out!” But of course going the same direction. So when we got to the railroad tracks even though no train is coming and the gates are up the bus HAD to stop. I followed that bus every turn for miles.

Finally, I get to the parking lot of our corporate office and see Canadian geese headed the same direction as me. I quickly grabbed all my things and started at a run to the door.


The head goose beat me to it and stood guard as its mate and babies kept crossing in front of me

S L O W L Y!

His HISSING backed me off. I backed up again and gave them some room.

Suddenly, there were so many families crossing in front of me in this huge flock. Wow! That goose felt safe to catch up to his family.


Honk honk waddle waddle


Wait! A break in the flock parade… I see my chance… I started back towards the door quickly, but cautiously as well. I don’t like getting HISSED at.


Now the last goose here decided he was not allowing his family to get separated. It ran at me flapping his wings and hissing. Again I yielded and backed way off. “I give! YOU win!” Man they have huge wing spans up close!

One more shot of most of them. I couldn’t fit them all in…


Whew! I made a run for it. But guess what a couple minutes late logging in! It did make me chuckle! I remember Symone yelling out the windows when she was a wee little tot “Bye Bye geese!” Over and over again as they flew past our windows several times a day. Yeah! Bye! Creepy as in mean!

Right before I went to lunch my daughter texted me a photo of a tick on Kodi. This is another form of creepy critter!
It was very attached. I know he got that dumb thing on Sunday at the park. I guess the bath was NOT enough.
Shoot! It was so tiny even puffed up and full. The kids called my dad and he told them how to get it out alive and safely! Yeah! Well I guess it took them a really long time. But they finally got it off and put it in a ziploc bag! With date and time! Funny kids. You’d think they did this before! Oh! That’s right they did… Gross! I HATE ticks. I feel all creepy crawly now!

Change the subject.

Well I called his doctor… Since there are so many symptoms he can’t tell me about… 🙁
We are watching him much more very closely now.

Then my kids texted and said they were going to do dishes but there is no hot water. Weird! I thought it was hot this am? But you know what? I was very groggy! So I had to call landlord and maintenance guy. He came before I got home. It had to be replaced. NICE!

We had our team meeting outside! Very cool and nice to be outside. However, try to find a seat in the grass with geese droppings almost everywhere! Good grief! It was still nice!

I got home to find the nice maintenance man working so hard. He got it done and Colt helped him bring the old broken water heater up.

8:30 PM Kodi got meds a little late but then we all sat and lounged around telling stories, talking and just communicating! We missed out on our walk because Kodiak was sawing logs!

We talked to family and friends and headed to bed. At least my kids are all tucked in and HAPPY!

Kodi didn’t feel warm this evening. We are doing good so far except every since Monday he’s been sleeping more at night and napping during the day! Hmmmm! I thought it was his fall and hitting his head…. Maybe tick? Boy I really HOPE NOT! He doesn’t need that!!! I have a photo of it! However, I’m not showing that off! It doesn’t deserve any glory! LOL!

Chow for now!

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  1. I love all the baby geese. Well looks like its going to be a rainy day.

  2. Canadian Geese make fun pics 🙂 Hope the tick has no ill effect on Kodi ❤ You certainly DO have great kids!

    • Aw thanks! I know… So far so good on tick… He really doesn’t need anything else.
      Those geese really are cool. Mate for life. Strong families and communities. Raise young to be very obedient… I wonder if I kept going what they would have done to me… Hmmmm

      • lol… maybe don’t push papa goose too far 😉 Yes, very cool to see the animal kingdom living with a natural sense of “family” ❤

  3. The baby geese are so cute!