How does he DO that?

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My little grizzly has become very happy the past few days. Cries when the rainy weather moves on in but when the sun comes out is all full of giggles. Since I was off Friday and today we had a long weekend together as a family. Despite the injuries I think we really had a grand time.
Saturday am we were with friends. Then it got stormy so we watched movies. We enjoyed our conversation and laughter. My finger limited me in communication with Kodi and all he wanted to do was take my splint off. Then he’d run away when I would tell him “no” in tactile sign. He would go find his harness and bring it back… Really this was all weekend. He would get mad and throw a fit when we would not take him for a ride.
He has been very successful at telling us he needs to use the restroom. But then he forgets. The communication in the auto is still missing!
We had breakfast and had a lazy morning then spent time with friends. Kodi was quite the funny guy constantly telling us he needed the restroom.
We met friends at a park for a going away party for friends. Colten played baseball. He was so in his element and having so much fun. The kids saw an eagle’s nest and the eagles. And Symone limped along and had Kodi walk the plank.








Kodi did this completely unassisted except during transition. And blindfolded as well. Oh! Wait! Doesn’t matter he’s DeafBlind. He’s basically always blindfolded and has balance issues at times. This kids amazes me all the time. He had a smile on his face. He was so proud of himself! He would hold on to Symone during the transition and then just take off like he knew exactly what to do. He knows the pattern. The spacing and the obstacles are consistent. She did have to help with the monkey bars. The bars were not consistent and at one point even go up higher and then come back down. So she held him while he tried to find the next bar to swing to.

Storms were moving in. So we were running to the truck and since I couldn’t use my left hand Kodi took quite a spill. I tried to stop him and catch him but the force even broke our hands apart. He didn’t cry then. But he sure was acting dizzy. We travelled back but he was very unhappy. I don’t see anything yet but I did notice the lump on his right wrist is much bigger. We had a very long night. He got up way too early. He was mostly happy but poor balance. He slept this afternoon for almost 2 hours.

One friend who cared for Kodi fell and broke his elbow. We are concerned about our friends and family that get sick and injured.

We enjoyed seeing our little friend out of the hospital. Despite a PICC line for antibiotics…
We had other little friends here as well. They are such a joy to see little ones so full of life.

This afternoon getting home was awesome to be together that many days in a row.

Then we had a neighborhood tragedy. Police cars, EMS, and ambulance as well. I feel terrible for the family. Their husband/dad didn’t fair well. I’m sure they are in shock. Our heart goes out to them tonight as they feel the pain and loss. The tragedy was sudden and unexpected and felt by the neighborhood.

It makes you really stop and think about what you have and your precious kids. It made this evening together as the sun set in the sunny western sky so relaxing and peaceful. We watched a movie. All lounged on my bed telling stories and jokes while Kodi fell fast asleep. I’m wondering if he hit his head a little too hard. I can’t check for dilated eyes. But he’s off-balance. Eating very well though!

My precious little people will miss me tomorrow. I will really miss them. They are amazing kids in so many ways. I worry about them but then they make little comments that lets me know they are really ok. Funny how love can make a kid grow. Like a flower garden. With attention, affection and love they are beautiful.

Flowers from my garden when I had a home…


Now my little indoor garden!!! πŸ™‚


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  1. Kodiak is blessed to have you. Lovely pictures of the two of you and your garden. What a joy he is!

  2. Love and sunshine makes kids grow πŸ™‚

  3. I had fun playing with kodi. He did so good on the playground.