Kodiak’s safe travel problem? SOLVED!!!

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Yes! The day had finally arrived!!!! πŸ™‚ I will tell you more about today in just a minute… First a quick run down of what has been happening.

My mom was up helping with Kodi. I was trying to recover from being so sick. Well I’m slowly recovering. Last Saturday my mom left and surprised my dad. He was not expecting her home until Wednesday. πŸ™‚ but because a dear friend agreed to help watch Kodi on Tuesday she was able to go home. Last Saturday afternoon we went to a family members graduation and I brought my nieces home to our place for the night. I sure do love those beauties!!! The kids ran around with Kodi at the park. Then I took them to Cold Stone to get ice-cream… They helped put Kodi to sleep and I went to bed. They stayed up for a little while watching a movie.
The next morning was so goofy. The kids got up slowly and ate breakfast… Then their mom and grandpa stopped and picked them up. We had a busy rest of the day.

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were the last 3 days of school. Symone had shorter days because of finals. Colt just had a short day on Wednesday. I had surprised them with a couple of little ends of school year gifts. Kodi a bumpy tactile ball and play doh.

Thursday the kids took turns with Kodi. I took Symone to urgent care for her ankle she hurt last Friday as it was worse. I also had them check out my finger that I hurt…Then we all came home and went to bed.

Now to today. I woke up all night. Painful finger! But got up around 5:15 am. Got a shower and got kids up. We got coffee and headed to Eau Claire.

The drive was full of summer construction. But sunny and beautiful and everything was so green. We left early because I was not totally sure of my destination. We needed to be there at 8:00 am.

The kids were fascinated with the country side. I think they missed the sun as well as its been so rainy. As we reached A and J Mobility we realized it was only 7:30. So we drove around a bit. I didn’t know Hershey’s was right there… The kids were saying “ooooh! Can we get some chocolate?”

We walked in and Rick Fitzl (the manager) and Doug McMaster (mobility consultant) greeted us. They told us the plan and offered to shuttle us to a mall but we were content to sit on the comfy couches and the kids watched the Disney channel on TV. They shared some of their own personal stories and one shared about his son with special needs. They were so kind and gracious.




Kodi was so happy. Then they told us to come on out so adjustments could be made. The technician Marc Townsend told us “no photos” but that we could mention his name. It took some playing around to get all the belts adjusted but it was really nice how they were patient and very kind. I would highly recommend this team to help with these safety issues. They mostly deal with mobility vans with ramps for those disabled. But they took time to get this figured out for us… My other two were not as bored as they thought they would be. So here is Kodi after an hour ride and a pit stop.


So what do we have and what was done? Anchors added to the floor so Kodi could be anchored to the second and third rows in the middle seat position. The belts and the vest. The vest is made by E-Z-ON. His vest is the model #103Z. Just a tip. If you need this you may already have the anchors in your auto. Also, you can order it and you do have to measure the waist and chest but do so over a sweatshirt. Kodi’s ended up a little large. We found his smaller one and will have the larger one for when he grows.

We came home. I have to say I have worked so much and it’s been nice to have a few days off lately to recover and spend with my kids. I wish I worked 4 ten-hour days with a day off just because of my sweet kids. The past few years has been very tough on them.

Anyway we relaxed. We rested. Kodi keeps getting his harness and wanting it on. But he will have to wait until tomorrow. The past hour he’s been bouncing on the bouncy ball and that is so good for him. Symone took him for a little walk out side and now is back icing her ankle. Colt is just doing all kinds of things.

My heart goes out to my dad…. Severe tooth ache and nerve pain. No help until Monday!!! My mom as she is so worn out from up here…

I also want to mention one of our little friends… He has a bone infection. He’s been in the hospital and now home but IV antibiotics and PICC line are doctors orders. We feel really bad. Poor kid!

Thank you everyone that made today possible with Kodiak’s safe travels. The guys at A&J Mobility, Mary H, Darrell K, and all the comments here and from school as well… This was 2 years in the making and it finally happened!!!! πŸ™‚

Now I’m going to eat popcorn, put Kodi to bed and watch a movie with other two and go to bed.

(Other products not mentioned was the floor mount kit also from E-Z-ON model #100 FM)

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  1. Barb Z

    Happy to hear about the harness Heather for Kodi. Hopefully this will help to stop the worry when he is in a moving vehicle. Love you guys.

  2. Now you are ready for summer πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah!! I am glad you have this now. Love you all.

  4. Thank you Heather! It was so rewarding to work with Kodi and seeing his excitement made our day!

    The A&J Mobilty team

    • He really likes it! He finds the harness and puts it on and drags us to the door. I hope others that need a system like this will come to you guys. πŸ™‚

  5. yay so happy you found something!!! even happier that he loves it so much!! bring on the road trips πŸ˜€

  6. Lisa Kein

    Heather, So happy that you were able to get the harness! Such a wonderful blog you have here, I haven’t had time to go through it so have been looking at all of the entries tonight. You are one strong and blessed family. Enjoy your summer and safe travels! Lisa

  7. Kodi loves his new harness so much. It’s so cute. All day when we are at home watching him he will go look for it and try and put it on and pull us to the door. Too bad I can’t drive yet… πŸ˜‰