Special day at MOA

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It was a long rainy weekend ahead. I wanted to do something special with the kids. My mom had low energy. I also have very low energy. With me trying to get health back I mustered up all I had and decided we could take a kind soul up on giving us free passes to the MOA. (Mall of America) Last Saturday May 25th, we did the necessary routine on and then headed off to MOA in the pouring rain.
The first ride even Nana decided to go on. The orange roller coaster…

Ok well Nana didn’t like it so much but she is terrified of heights. And well she doesn’t like scary things…. But Kodiak seemed to enjoy it. Then we saw this other cool ride. We tried to get her to go on it…. Well only Colt and Symone went on it… The beginning looked quite terrifying and then this loop…


They are in the second row… Symone had a teal plaid shirt on and Colts is grey?


Colt on back outside and Symone next to him… Smiles!!!!


Nana, Kodi and I waited… Nana and I watched…


I ended up going on this ride with Symone and Colt. We were in front and I was on the end… I don’t think I will give my response to the ride but the kids said it was better in front.

Ok so now this other ride looked interesting. We tried to get Nana to join. She said “I don’t think so!” It’s like an airplane kind of… I forget the name. But it was Kodiak’s favorite! Just look at the photos…


It is at this ride that two operators strongly suggested due to safety that we go back and get a special pass book for Kodi to come in the exit and then get two rides in a row so the the getting in and out is not so difficult and waiting for long lines isn’t so hard. So after this ride we went and got that pass.

Then we got Nana to go on her first hot air balloon ride ever.



She decided she had more fun watching. So back we went to Kodiak’s favorite. This one we did twice then. The 4 operators were so awesome. We kept coming back for “more” it was the one ride that got Kodi to giggle and sign “more”



Kodi signing “more”


We took a break to go watch Symone and Colt go on a crazy roller coaster. They said another little girl kept saying “I’m only 9! I’m only 9” like she thought she was going to die. I thought that one looked a little too much for Kodi.

Then those two decided the skate board looked like a ton of fun…








Then we went back to Kodak’s favorite…


If you look really closely you can see the smile on his face.


Then we tried the log ride. Well just Colt, Kodiak and I. The ladies decided they didn’t want to get wet. It’s really only a few drops and we did it twice.





I was ready to call it a day. But kids wanted to go back one more time on Kodiak’s favorite which meant two more rides. So we did. The last one Kodi began to cry. Then he laughed most the ride but when it ended he wanted off. He began to cry again.


We had a day of fun at MOA. I carried Kodiak out to the car. Poor little guy. He was done. The rest of the day and all of Sunday he spent mostly lying down. Hmmmm. Equilibrium issues maybe? I didn’t think about that. Maybe he had too much and it made him feel off balance? Well he giggled most of the day until that last ride.

Thanks to many at MOA we did have a fun day. Exhausting for some of us. But fun.

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  1. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun and to spend the whole day would be tiring too. I always like the log rides so I guess I would go on that one 🙂 Annie

  2. I had a lot of fun. My favorite one was the skateboard one.

  3. What an awesome day! Mall of America looks like a lot of fun… will have to add it to my “places to visit eventually” list. Though, that one will probably have to wait until the little prince is old enough to go on the rides, so it will be a few years down the line.

  4. Looks like you had a great day. 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family.