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May has brought challenges for our family that has kicked us into survival mode. I could list them all but then that’s boring and some things in life are just TMI and not for sharing… So instead I will just say about me? Sinus infection treatment gave me a second issue to deal with and depleted energy that makes me so thankful for family, my parents and Symone and Colten. Then other unusual challenges related to several different areas in life. I go to work and can hardly function but I push through it.
Then Symone my oldest spraining her ankle. I’m sick of urgent care and doctors appointments. I have so much going on at once at times its exhausting. Now that I’m beginning to feel better (slowly) I’m mustering up just enough to write a post. I feel so bad for my mom who lives like this.

We moved from the winter storms right on into severe thunderstorms and rainy weather. My uncle told me how he went ice fishing in a boat during the fishing opener. (He had to slide the boat out onto the ice as a safety net because the ice was missing or too thin along the shore) This was the first time ever doing this in his lifetime. Then we have family in Oklahoma dodging massive tornados. I watched one little boy tell his story about how he couldn’t find his parents and how he worried they died at home because they were both off work that day. He didn’t find them until the next day. It made me cry. He was so brave. I have seen several tornados in person but nothing that massive . I don’t know how those storm chasers can stay in place for so long. The footage is amazing! But I’d be out of there. My once terrified panic-stricken child has now become fascinated and is learning all she can about these massive storms. Watching them on YouTube and learning in science and physics all about their development. One of our local weathermen has been here for years. He talks about his fear of these storms. Because of his fear he studied about them and became so fascinated that he now does this for a job. I told her the other night. “Find the NOAA weather radio and plug it in.” She waisted no time. Then she persistently told us. “I’m not afraid like I was. I’m so much better now I’m so fascinated by these.” And she told us all about how they are made etc. Knowledge can set you free of just the little storm cloud. But develop a huge respect for the big ones!

On to Kodi… Poor little man. Last Wednesday he has been into this constant spinning in circles thing. Also he is persistent and determined to really hit his left eye. Poor little guy. We keep putting drops and ointment in. He’s wearing cool liquid tell masks.


His poor little eye. He saw another one of his doctors last week. He is complicated so this new stuff is driving me crazy. The spinning (like a tornado) and distroying things in his path or falling down. Then he lays on the floor like a little frog and gently hits his head on the floor. He is not signing very good right now. But the cute things?


He plays with our fingers. He moves our fingers to match his. He then giggles and acts like it’s the funniest thing ever. Last night at urgent care he sat down on the floor and tapped his head against the chair I was sitting on and giggled his full belly laugh. I wish he could tell me what is so funny!
He wore out a Croc in the toe area recently. Like really quickly. So I’m guessing he’s dragging that foot. I will have to watch that. But the kid now is almost 52 pounds and that goes to my mom’s credit for feeding him hearty foods and snacks. When she’s here and I’m at work she keeps on feeding the kid. He won’t change from his routine foods at school. He gets so mad when I send something different. But when he is at home he eats almost anything. Kodiak grew a little more as well.

We have something in the works for traveling safely. I just have to say thanks to the readers and ideas. It’s coming soon and then we will be getting it installed! Then I will write more about it. But all the ideas are why I titled this post what I did. We have all heard the expression I think. But shows ideas come from ideas. Then the ball gets rolling! Well it’s in the works and I’m excited for this.

My mom is headed back up to help us. Kodi seems to be affected by all this stormy weather. Hmmmm! I just thought of something. Spinning? Tornados? Maybe he feels that instability in the air and pressure. Probably just a new thing he’s in and doing for entertainment. Although he doesn’t seem to be enjoying it. I feel bad it’s cold and rainy this weekend. I’m sure he would love to swimming. šŸ™

Schools almost out and kids are very happy. Me too.

I hope the families in Moore and Shawnee OK recover from their tragedy quickly. There is no quick thing about rebuilding. But seeing kids and teachers being pulled from the rubble is awful and wonderful all at once. to find them alive. I feel so bad for the families that lost everything. Even worse for the families that lost members on top of it all. That is the worst. We do what we are able to do from here.

Find joy in your life today! Hug your family and really cherish your kids. They grow up so fast. And things happen. You never know if it will be your last.

As we head off to school and work I know I will. šŸ™‚

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  1. Sorry to hear how crazy things have been. We moms simply don’t have time to get sick!
    Funny how you mention the toe of Kodi’s croc. Wil wears out his heel all the time. Not sure how he does it, but we have gone through three pairs of shoes this school year! He wears orthodics, so thankfully the same pair of those has held up.
    Sending well wishes your and Symone’s way. Keep your positive spirit, love reading your updates!

  2. Sinus infection. I have been there more than once so I know your pain. I have done a better job over the past 5 years paying attention to what begins for me as a stuffy nose and sneezing. I immediately start dealing with the issue. Thus, no more infections, but keeping my fingers crossed. I just wanted to say with all that you have going on and all that you have to do, thanks for taking time to visit and like my posts, the most recent “Hiding in the Bush” and “Internal Cover Up”. Take Care!

  3. Best wishes to you and hope you are getting some sunshine your way.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have decided to change my blog to a new name. I hope you will follow me here

    Annie (in Duluth)

  4. Sorry to hear life’s been tougher for you, lately. Glad to hear you’re all finding moments to smile/giggle in the midst of it all ā¤