Where have we been?

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Sooooo! After my 100th post and poem. (Over a week ago) I really had nothing to say. Well I did, but did NOT have the time or energy to say it. I also didn’t feel like putting myself out there. Last Wednesday Kodiak was not a happy boy. He went to school and everything, but he was very unhappy when he got home. The kids said he cried on and off. I had a meeting at work and got home a little later than usual. They had him fed and had given him his meds. He was very happy to see me. But that novelty wore off quickly when he just was not happy. What was going on? Yep! You guessed it… More Weather… Not just rain… Like most of you out there who have Spring… No we got snow! It was the very heavy and very wet kind. Snow men? You got that right! Wow just days before we were wearing shorts, tanks and flip-flops! But we only knew about the rain that night.

At around 5:30 am the kid’s school auto alert went off telling me school was delayed 2 hours due to hazardous travel from 10 plus inches of snow and downed trees and some were without power. Sooooo I got up! Then I drove to another suburb to work and they had NO SNOW! I fact the grass was green and it looked like spring. I felt weird because it felt like I had just been in some kind of winter dream and woke up in spring. As I was sitting there the alerts went off again for the school. SCHOOL IS OPEN! I thought that’s odd! They said 2 hours late why are they telling us it’s now open? My kids started texting me? Is school open? Are we late now? What! This is weird!

About 5 minutes later we all got this message:


Well this is more like it. But how confusing! Someone must have been mixed up typing out those alerts!
These are the messages from my kids:
K. Yay!
Yessssssss! I am soooooo happy!

However—- I had a major worry!
My Mom was driving up to stay with us. She lives 4 hours south and a little further east. She ended up driving through the worst of the storm as it moved east towards her… I was so worried! But my mom made it! Slow and steady. But when she did have to pull over she got stuck and two guys helped push her to get it going again! No ditches and no accidents for her…

After I was done working, I headed back home from spring into the winter zone again. A lot had melted. But still quite white. The next few days cold, wet and rainy. We had some very important things to do. Replace glass from a picture frame, get a cell phone fixed, see a great grandma, visit other family etc.

Anyway, late Saturday and Sunday the sun was back out. The snow disappeared. And we went to a state park. We saw all kinds of birds and some dear got really close to us. They clearly were hungry and took the risk of coming close to get new grass beginning to turn green. The birds!!!! Birds I have not ever seen around here…. This is because the lakes up north are still frozen and they had to land somewhere. Grebes, loons in large numbers (but we usually have one or two pairs around). Also something looking like pelicans… however they were so far away it was very hard to tell. Again where is my big camera and zoom lens? At home! Grrrrrr!

On and off Kodi cries. Tuesday was one of those days… Then Wednesday was a rainy day again. Poor Kodi. The little barometer just doesn’t feel well. We love having Nana here. But I think we wear her out.

Kodi is signing a little again. Here he’s at school. Signing “more”


So we have this weird weather. But the grass is getting greener. The buds are popping out on the trees. Can we say we had our last snowfall? A little further up north there is 16 inches of ice (honeycombed) still on the lakes… Fishing opener is this weekend… They will be drilling holes and ice fishing to begin the season… The jokes are funny! Pulling the boat out on the ice, drilling the hole and then climbing into the boat and fish… Just in case the ice breaks etc..

We all are tired. In fact I fell asleep typing this post. I hope you don’t reading it… Hopefully, we will have more photos to share… Kodi riding his trike.


More animals. Colt had some of the ducks in flight… Hmmm! Let me find that and add…



Nice work Colt! Look out you don’t get bombed!! πŸ™‚

Good night! My kids all went to bed quite early for a change! πŸ™‚

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  1. That was a weird storm. I am glad it missed us. Northern Wis. sure got a lot of snow.

  2. Quite the week! And it’s amazing how weather can be so drastically different just a few miles away. We had some good rain storms all around us this past week, but we didn’t get any at all.

  3. Great pics of the snow, but OMGoodness WOW!!! Is it “sprummter” when you get spring/summer/winter seasons all together like that?!? Wow… and I thought ours was the weirdest, wildest weather!!! Sounds like you live out east, though, so ‘guess I can still call our area “the wild west of weather” πŸ˜‰ Here’s hoping that was indeed your last snowfall ❀

  4. I hope things are going well. I just wanted to say hi, since you haven’t be around in awhile. I know I haven’t been around much the last month or so myself.