MORE SWING! More eat! MORE DRINK! More….

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It was in the 70’s and on a Saturday. Last Saturday we were wearing boots… This Saturday flip flops!!!!

We had fun with friends in the am and then met up with one of Symone’s friends. πŸ™‚
Kodiak was calm. But would not sign.

We went to the local state park. I got the annual state park pass since we go there so much during summer. We got some sun alright and maybe a little pink.

We spread out two beach blankets ate our lunch. The 3 played catch with a baseball and also a frisbee. They ran around and had fun. Kodiak took forever to eat. Finally he and I hung out on the blanket for a bit soaking in the rays. Then he had enough. I took him on the swing. I would stop the swing to make him sign “more” NOPE! I would model it for him and sign “your turn” or “you do it” he would respond with any other hand movement but “more” FINALLY after about 30 tries he signed “more” so I pushed him again.



He’s just not acting right. Then he wanted off. I too him walking. We went up to different trees. He would smile and laugh about the way he could walk in a circle holding on to the tree.


Pardon the dirty mouth photos… He doesn’t eat with his mouth closed… He packs it in…. Oh! And the photo above he just had eaten some chocolate… Trying to get him to sign more… NOPE!

The tree below became his favorite tree to hold on to. It was smoother and it was a much larger tree. The others trees bark might actually hurt his tiny hands and fingers.


While the other three were off exploring the park, Kodi and I were playing with the base ball, ball gloves and frisbee… Not like how others play with them. But the only way a DeafBlind kid can I guess. I would hand him the frisbee and he would feel it all around and spin it. The art work on it was raised and he really focused in on that as well.



I handed him a ball glove and he did what he does at home… He put it on his head




Look at that smile… Still full of food however!!!

Colt came back and he decided to play with Kodiak. Colt gave Kodiak the ball…


Kodiak sort of tossed it like “I know what to do with that!”


Colt would fetch like a good little doggie and hand back to Kodi!

That got old so Kodiak and I went for a walk. He was soo happy!


Then we got photos of Loon’s.


We saw and heard geese. Well NOT Kodiak. Then a very different diving duck. We looked online and thought we could figure it out… It might be a merganser…

We saw airplanes and seaplanes. We also saw out shadows.






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  1. Gah!! He is soooo beautiful!!

  2. He is so beautiful !! Holy cats what a boy!

  3. That was a fun day thank you mom 😜now I am pooped after all that running and playing 😴 but I had fun

  4. Looks like you had a beautiful day with everyone! I can’t believe your snowy pictures from last time and your pictures now!?!? You must live in New England or something. We never know what the weather will be like here:)

  5. What a difference a week makes! It looks like the entire family had a great day. Your children are beautiful.

    • I know right! We are in almost a state if shock! Rain moving in all week to top it off with more snow at the end of the week… My guess? It will change!
      I think my kids are beautiful inside and out… But then in mom πŸ™‚

      • And mom’s are always right. πŸ˜‰

        In the past weeks we have started at 30 and ended at 70. AND started at 70 and ended at 30 degrees. One or other other, not both in the same day!

  6. Lovely photos, especially the ones of the family, chocolate face and all! πŸ™‚

  7. It was so much fun at the state park. I got sunburned on one shoulder and tan on the other. Not sure how that happened… Kodi would take off though and know that if he got too far away we would bring him back. My friend and I took him on a walk and he was holding on to each of our hands and would take off running and pulling us along. We found a patch of snow hiding from the sun and we made him feel it and we spelled “snow” in his hand and let him touch it again. He was laughing.