Kodak is OFF right now! Take 2!

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I’m at a loss here! In my telling a story I forgot why I was writing the post to begin with! I was off work early on Wednesday and I talked to Kodiak’s intervenor from school and she also said they can’t get him to do much! Added to this he signed “more” for everyone!!!! But this week he just won’t do it. He will do any other hand formation but “more”.

Well! Now just tonight I had his favorite food in front of him, and other things! He was very happy! We even ran like 50 yards together. But he refuses to sign “more”!

I feel totally ready to cry! I don’t think he lost it!!! If he did where could it have gone and WHAT happened! I said he was off! Is he sick and just doesn’t really feel like signing “more”? He will clap, put one finger to his palm, or sign what I think is his “cookie” sign. But even when I show him with my hands and then sign “your turn” or “you do it” he will do anything but! Huh!!! For 9 months we depended on this! We were so excited! I’m ready to cry and lose it! What happened to my kid!

Maybe he is testing everyone! I know he knows what it means!!! This comes after he was really hitting his left eye for about a week! Just when I think I am getting close to knowing my kid we take major steps back. Now he’s next to me, leaning on me, and holding my Hand as I type this on my iPhone! NOT EASY! please excuses typos!!! πŸ™‚

He was so excited to have me home. We got supper out and about tonight and then came home and even when I gave him meds, snack and a drink he resorted to pulling and pushing even when I tried to make him sign more.

One thing I’m noticing… He’s congested… He is sleeping good… And his hand feels thicker and bigger all of a sudden. Maybe he’s growing? Maybe he’s testing? I just hope not regressing.

Tonight we have Spring. It got into the 70’s today and sunny. The older two are outside eeking out the last bit of rays from the sun. The days are so much longer as far as light! They are getting along so well. They had the house cleaned up when I got home!!! What a wonderful group of kids. I guess they really want to enjoy being outside this weekend. We will get a state park sticker and go have some fun in the sun this weekend for sure. Maybe it will remind Kodiak he needs to communicate with us!!!

When we pulled up to our drive we were blocked by this cute couple!



We have seen them around the past two days looking for a safe please to build a nest… They look like our ducks from our old neighborhood a block and a half east from us… Those ducks were our watch ducks and I called them our ducks because they thought the spring only pond was a great home for their family and build their nest in our yard or the neighbors and then the pond dried up and the babies were so cute but had to cross the busiest streets to get to some actual water! This looks like the same smart couple! Well they sure are good watch ducks! They wouldn’t let us in our driveway for several minutes. Then we QUACKED back and they decided we were bigger and they took off east towards our old neighborhood!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Maybe we will get good nature photos this weekend to share!

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  1. I didn’t want to ‘like’ that Kodiak isn’t signing. πŸ™ I hope his eye pain stops and he finds his words again.

    • I don’t like it either!!! Maybe he’s just taking a break! Or just not feeling well so he just doesn’t want to put the energy into it. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Same here – don’t mean to like he’s not signing ‘more’ but just want to like the post. Hope they weekend lends to good times outside and the return of his signs!

  3. It’s so hard when communication is difficult with your children. Becky didn’t speak until a year after the accident, and then it was one word sentences for a long time. Even now, twenty years later, I can’t always catch her meaning, but hey, I’ll take it. I think as mothers, we go with our instincts. What else can we do? Hoping that Kodiak is okay and just going through some changes.