Kodiak and his unstable behavior.

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We had a sunny day on Saturday after all the snow last week. Saturday we set some record lows for temperatures. And I got a ton of sleep Saturday night to Sunday morning. Like 10 – 11 hours? What about Kodi. He was happier after the storm moved on and was so sweet, calm and happy all day Saturday. But then Sunday morning came. When Symone and Colt fed him breakfast I guess he was ok then. But then as the day went along he started acting quite needy and whiny. Then as time went on he began to cry really hard. Friends were so kind and loving to him. We got him food and bath time made him slightly happier. Then he sat with me and cuddled. We had a low-key Sunday evening.

Monday the sky was dark and got heavier looking. It began raining. Then it changed to freezing rain. Then late afternoon it became snow and by the time it got dark there was snow again piling up. I don’t know how Kodiak’s day was at school, but he was even hitting his eyes at home. He crawled in my lap and touched my face and smiled. But he seemed almost agitated. Then he finally fell asleep.

At about 5:30am this morning I got a text stating the school was delayed 2 hours… I figured I better get a move on… Traffic must be bad. I got up to find my two older ones up before me. They were taking photos of the snow!!! It was so beautiful and weird at the same time. The birds were all singing too. But not as many as before. Did their friends fly back south? Did some parish in the winter storm?

I took some photos too. Kodi was much happier when I got home. He giggled etc. But the MAD ZEBRA noise was back tonight. But then he would laugh. He struggled falling asleep. I know it’s around the full moon when I saw it after he went to sleep… Poor baby! Now we are all tired! And will show you yet again photos of the winter spring surprise we woke up to… 🙂








I probably will get a ton of HATE mail for saying this… But I actually LOVED the snow. It was and always is a wonderful surprise to me! I know everyone wants spring to arrive… Not just on the calendar… But that is what you get in the spring and fall in the north. It’s why I love it! Anything to put off the hot humid stormy weather of spring and summer. I just really like cooler summers. I lived in Oklahoma for two years and almost died. It was 100 percent humidity and hot! And I missed snow! So I’m so sorry to everyone out there for voicing my opinion of how lovely and beautiful it was out there. I’m happy! Tired! But happy! 🙂

(If you live in an area that don’t have the option to get snow. Come visit the snowy north! You won’t regret it! Even the people who didn’t want more snow love it at one point during winter! It’s absolutely worth the travel!)

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  1. Good thing you like the snow! Personally, I’m a warm weather kind of girl…

  2. Your snow pictures are beautiful ! Millions and millions of people love snow also. Snow is cathartic. I could write about the comforting pleasures, benefits and perks of snow to the human soul for hours. Yet, no one ever needs to apologize for being honest in a respectful manner. You certainly are one of these individuals. Kodiak may be more unstable than other times, but frankly no more than some other folks I know. The folks I know do it exercise their ego (Hey, look at me); Kodiak does it to relay his feelings, to stay in touch. That’s just my humble opinion or observation, that’s all. Every time you pass on stories about Kodiak, regardless of your story’s plot, the stories tell me Kodiak knows what love is. Kodiak’s love is real, not counterfeit.

  3. I love your snow pictures, but I will admire from afar 🙂

    • This is why I share… My family in AZ it cools them off in the hot heat… Viewing the snow! So be warm and enjoy. I will enjoy in real life possible again later this week…

  4. Beautiful photos – thanks for sharing!

  5. Your snow photos are gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful photos!! So good to hear you were able to get a good night of sleep, as well!

  7. Rejoice always. Happy snow day 🙂

  8. How beautiful! I love the snow too. Growing up in Chicago, I truly enjoy the four definite seasons.

    • No kidding! Except that is a very Windy City!!!! I grew up 4 hours from there and now live 8 hours from there NW. 4 seasons the best but with spring being very short! 🙂

  9. I love the snow. I guess that’s why I live up north.

  10. Exellent snow scenes. I don’t mind the snow at all, as long as I don’t have to be anywhere!

  11. I like to snow too – just hope the weather stabilizes to it doesn’t bother him so much.