What is an oxymoron?

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What is an OXYMORON? Thoughts, words and ideas put together that mean the opposite of each-other… Colt came up with ICYHOT, pretty ugly, lawless rule, found missing, liquid gas, clearly confused, freezer burn, jumbo shrimp, sweet tart, near miss, you get the idea?

Well, today I took this photo… What are some signs of spring? Birds singing, buds on trees, Robins are back, and snow…. Opps not SNOW!!! Wait a minute!!!





There were like 50 in the tree… I drove up and got out and like 1/2 left… You can’t see them all. It was unreal… Talk about an oxymoron with what’s going on with this tree and it being April 19th….

Ok… So yesterday as I was coming home from work we had several inches of the white slushy icy snow. I was following a semi and a huge snowplow was behind me. This lady decided to cross in front of a ton of cars. Now I drive a Ford Expedition and was in 4 wheel drive. I could not stop. So the next best thing is I veered to the sharply to the right. To avoid the semi, and this really dump lady driver also in an SUV. I came to a stop with one wheel headed down the embankment now sideways and the pond below. She stopped and I was an inch from my drivers side hitting her passenger side. The snow plow guy veered to the left of me and just missed the back of my SUV and that would have pushed me off the edge. I think there was a fence? All I know he got out. He screamed and yelled at her and she rolled up her window and took off. He came to me and asked if I was ok. I said I was. He took my name and number and off he went to do his job. I turned myself around in the intersection and realized several other drivers were also affected by that crazy driver. They all smiled and waved and looked at me like go ahead… Wow that was close. I drove home. Got in my garage and started to shake. I cried! So the other thing about yesterday was it started out raining… Sleeting etc. Well my SUV leaks! And I had a wet seat. But when I was sitting in my garage shaking? I was hearing constant drips! It was not quite pouring in. It was just really dripping in everywhere up front! So I got cold and wet! I went inside.

I was so thankful to be home with my kids.

Symone gave me a hug and Colt said “did you take your seatbelt off!” Worried about the pond… “Did you open your window?” I said no to both since there was not any time! So then he said “Well you got that red tool to cut the seatbelt and hit the window to break it to get out!” Ok! So there’s the MAN in him!!! πŸ™‚

Now this next part breaks my heart… A young student in my daughters high school didn’t have that same result yesterday he actually did lose control and ended up underneath a semi and lost his life. My daughter said he was the nicest kid. He talked to anyone. I can tell you my heart goes out to his parents. My co – workers and I talked about how we have young drivers and soon to be young drivers and how very sad and worried it makes us all. It’s not trust that has us scared the most. It’s inexperience!!! To this young mans family… I’m very sorry you have to suffer such pain! This is very tragic!

Now Kodi was so fine yesterday. He was so happy until the storm started moving on in. Then he began hitting his eye! His intervenor got cute video of him and sent it to me. He is starting to tell people more and more he needs the bathroom. πŸ™‚

He went right to sleep tonight! He hugged me and wow.. He feels so much heavier!!! Or maybe I’m getting weaker…

Some more fun photos of the day…

This am:




And another of Symone’s:


I have to say this evening we saw patches of sun. But it’s cold for spring In April. 30 degrees F and projected 14 for a low. I love winter and snow. But NOT this sloppy dirty kind. But still a step up from mud.

Not as much about Kodiak here. I love him so much. He loves cuddles. And thank you Symone and Colt for the love you have shown Kodiak, each other and me!!! Chow for now!

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  1. Your pictures are just gorgeous! I know you like snow, but it makes me cold to look at it. We are entering into heavy rain and severe weather now. Had frost last night.

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on in this post. I love your robins though! The traveling in snow part, well let’s just say I don’t envy you.

  3. Those robins in the snow tree were also in my neighborhood! Here’s hoping for some warm weather soon.

  4. I’m so glad you were okay – there are some nutty people out there. Glad the plow guy checked on you and kudos for being prepared – the red thing and the window puncture! Good your kids know about them too!!!