New chapters in life… What it means for Kodiak.

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I was hoping this day would never come. No she’s not 16 nor is she 15 yet. But today I had to register her for DRIVERS EDUCATION. It’s the class before you can get your permit… We are 8 1/2 months away for the permit process… And actual behind the wheel… But since it doesn’t involve me pregnant it will fly by! Don’t get me wrong my oldest can be very responsible at times and actually has done some driving. But I’m not sure I’m ready so I wanted to post the positives here for me to go back and reflect on when my nerves get out of control!!!! 🙂 So if you think of something else I might be missing please let me know!!! Also if you have any advice for me??? 🙂

Symone getting her driver’s license will help… How?

1.) If I need to get a kid to the doctor I won’t have to drive home to pick people up and drive back to doctors… Assuming we have another set of wheels… More free time for everyone.

2.) If I’m sick and need help or kids need something she can run to store and get it.

3.) When I’m at work she can take boys to park or store while during summer.

4.) If I have car trouble she can come and get me… 🙂

5.) When we go on road trips she can drive sometimes… I can spend some time with Kodiak

6.) She wants a job… And if just a few hours it might help pay for the insurance. But she is also needed to help with Kodiak. So we will have to figure that out.

7.) It will make me feel better is there is an emergency she can be available to help.

8.) My kids during the summer won’t have to feel stuck at home all day. They will be able to do a few things if chores are done.

Hmmmm I’m really struggling with this one still!!! Maybe someone out there will be able to help me??


This is a picture Kodiak did before he lost his vision on my iPhone app… I chose the colors and he drew with his finger… Then I wrote his name on it. I can’t bring myself to delete it. It’s too precious to me even though its just scribbles. I remember all the giggles he was doing!!! He was looking at it just inches away and drawing and tapping out the squiggles!

I’m finally deciding to share it! New chapters! This book on having vision for now is closed! It’s so sad to me he can’t still see it or even know what it is!

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  1. Keep the drawing, by all means it is a piece of Kodi’s childhood. Heck I have a box full of drawings my kids made. You are a mom, you are allowed to keep all that!

    Now the driving thing, I have experience with this!!! Ted, my oldest doesn’t drive. He got his learner’s permit and we drove many times together. Let’s see there was the time he almost drove through the building when he got his gas and brake foot mixed up. I had a good stiff drink when we got home. There was the time he made a left hand turn (without even looking, just went and right in front of a cop) The car in front made a left, so he figured he’d go too. Had a good stiff drink when we got home. Yeah, so Ted doesn’t drive and I got to stop stress drinking! He made the decision and we fully supported that decision. 🙂 Maybe someday, he will have the executive functioning for driving. He’s always followed his own developmental curve, but we decided, for everyone’s safety 16 wasn’t the time. He’s now 21. Maybe later.

    Meg drives. She got her restricted the day she turned 15 and her license the day she turned 16. It has been wonderful. Oh my. She can drive herself to school!!!!!! 14 years I drove kids to school, the first morning she left for school and I didn’t have to go, oh my, it felt so good. A little weird, but so good! She’s got a job, she can go to her activities, when we need something from the grocery she can get it, and she even will pop in and visit me at work. There is a ton of responsibility that comes with it, not to mention worry on mom’s part, but it is part of the growing up and growing out and she feels so wonderfully independent because of it and I love that.

    Go forward and drive!!!

    • This is good!!!! Exactly what I need… One ready and one not! But so good to hear both… Smart kid if he doesn’t feel ready to put it off. I’m glad we are few months off …. 🙂 thanks so much!!
      Kodi’s art? It’s the one thing he was able to do alone and now can’t at all… Have to keep it was afraid to share it… 🙂

  2. We have a learners permit living in this house 🙂 I think it is part of our job as parents to send our kids out able to be on their own. To me that means, basic cooking, laundry, balancing a checkbook, and a driver’s license. So for now, you may see me, clutching the side of the passenger door, trying to remind myself that I am just doing my job 🙂

    • I hear ya!!! Yes under my observation I had my kids make their own lunches for school… It gave them choices and it helped them learn healthy eating and then when they got to school no surprises (unless I happened to sneak a note with a smilie saying “they days 1/2 over… See you soon! Love MOM!” Felt good undiscovered!!! 🙂 We love them but then prepare them to grow… It’s just a phase that makes me so nervous… So I’m trying to remember the good!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks so much… I just can’t figure out how on my phone… In going crazy with that… But thank you soooo much for thinking of us!

  4. I have to say this is very kind! Thank you… I hope to make his art into something some day… Just not sure what yet… 🙂

  5. Thank you!

  6. Mom, you got nothing to worry about. I will be a very good driver… 😃

  7. If I were you, I would get that pic printed on a canvas and put it pride of place in your home. It’s a beautiful picture, a celebration of achievement, a celebration of love and family.

    • What a good idea! I have such mixed emotions about it… He can’t see anymore so he can’t see to make art now! He had such joy doing it! So it’s riddled with pride, excitement, giggles and then a deep sadness at the same time! A huge loss for him! And all of us!
      Thanks for the lovely idea!!!

  8. Agree with Ellie…You should get it printed on canvas, you have an artist at home! :)… Kodiak expressed himself, and that art will always communicate dearly with you two… And maybe, if you give him a canvas and some colors and help him out, he can still try and do some doodles, he will probably enjoy the feel of it and this time it will be art that will be special to the two of you…Amazing how you care, mothers are the best…! 🙂 (And oh yes, getting behind the wheels, there’s more independence for all…be safe and drive on!)

    • Thank you for your kind words. I feel very privileged to receive such a comment from an artist!!!!
      I will have to look in to how to take this art of Kodi’s off of Doodle Buddy on my iPhone and see if it can be done. I was thinking of doing things like Thank you cards when someone does something special for him/us! Or just little thinking of you cards for the sick, depressed, etc… I have some ideas… Just can’t seem to gather the right feel!
      Thanks so much!

  9. Sounds like a great idea….The thank you, thinking of you cards…. Yeah, you can transfer his art onto the computer and maybe an art store with print services can help…I’m sure you’ll come up with something great and special…Thank you for sharing these lovely posts with us…

  10. He was so funny when he did the picture, he was laughing so hard 😆😂😃😜

    • Yes I can tell you are affected!!! The way you said “What? You saved his picture? You still have it?” With tears in your eyes and gulping trying to hold them back 🙂 love you buddy!

      • It is because I was laughing so hard