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Most people know me for one thing. “I LOVE SNOW!” I don’t know why. I just feel better! I’m not talking about the dirty black/brown/yellow stuff. The fresh white clean-looking (it’s not because of pollution) and because when it’s snowing its beautiful and peaceful looking and something very awesome is happening! It transforms the environment and it silences the world and extra noises it muffles. It crunches under your feet and tires. I just LOVE it. I’ve said this before how I hate spring and the mud and the gross mold!

But I also do remember really powerful winters that we had as kids and the huge drifts and we could dig tunnels my dad could walk through! As kids it was AWESOME to be SNOWED in! I talk about how snowmen are my friends and I’m so sad to see them melt! 🙁

But this spring is kind of weird. Also growing up we had spring break with just short sleeves on and out raking our yard (we raked in the spring because of all the oak trees not dropping leaves until it was spring) It’s weird having trees full of Robins not knowing where to get food and all the white stuff on the ground. waking up to hear birds singing and mentally thinking green grass is up and buds are on the trees and flowers are popping out and then looking out to only see snow! I’m NOT complaining at all here… Just saying a little on the weird side. Yes we can have snow into May… However, looking at the forecast this week causes me to wonder what is up.


So is this why Kodi is mellow and then inward and hitting his eye? The more drastic changes and more energy in the atmosphere? Is it he’s getting more vitamin D actual vitamins (not from the sun) or what is up!

Well I’m just posting for the experts to follow this one… I’m posting so they can have data! We are confused this last week!

I know Sunday I had a ton of readers. Almost 500 to be exact!!!!! They made my best ever to be 489. Hopefully those readers know where to find some of the answers.


I was a little shocked. But thanks for the interest in helping me find some answers and help to several different posts… I’ve been getting several helpful things… They are being worked on… When we get the final answer I will post it 🙂 so don’t be why if you have something to share. One reader shared about peppermint oil… While it worked a few snow storms ago and since it was good… But this last week it’s not helping. But we are dealing with a bigger round of storms and energy! It’s creating tornados in the south. I hope to keep those at bay. I will the behave 2 kids not doing so well. Kodiak and Symone.

Thank you readers! And good night my little ones! Shhhhhhh! They are all asleep… 🙂

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  1. It is really wierd. Waking up to birds singing and snow. I love the snow though!

  2. Yeah, this has been an odd Spring alright!

  3. The weather is just as weird in Britain .