Oh! The funny things kids do and say!

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It was another WINTERY Sunday morning….with rain, sleet and snow… I was able to sleep in a little but then I heard Kodiak up. He was in his bed clapping. Why? I have absolutely no idea. But the past two days now he has climbed out of his bed, walked out of his room, turned sharply to the right (another 4 steps and he would go down stairs but he didn’t! Whew!) and walk along the shelving of his big sisters bed and turned the corner again to the right, felt her foot and climbed into her bed. She was awaken by his giggles again today. I heard her say “Well Hello Mister!” He was so happy to find a person. So from that point on we all were officially awake.

Some very kind person sent us a gift card to Panera Bread. I needed gas and to run two errands before the morning got away on us. So off we went. Kodi had his oatmeal at home with meds but then also ate two eggs. We got breakfast and coffee and gas and did our other errands and on the way home Colt was drinking his hot chocolate and suddenly he blurted out in song: “Its raining. It’s pouring. My cup is really snoring!” Symone and I busted out laughing. Symone took this photo:

I said “WHAT are you DOING?!?” Colt was laughing and said “I was blowing into the hole you drink out of and the foam came out of the little air hole and made a funny noise… Oh! And it’s raining… Now snowing outside!”
We laughed. Kodiak was very quiet he was borderline and resting his head on his big brother…

Anyway we got ready for our Sunday with friends at 1:00 pm and Kodiak was very, very good today. But he did want to rest his head a lot.

The kids took care of a doggie….
He didn’t want anything to do with the doggie…



Ok then because the weather outside was not cooperating… Symone decided after Kodi went to sleep to practice her things for gym…. Cartwheel, hand stand, round off, then pulled Colt in for assisting with the two person stunts. The crab, the titanic/swing through, the bird and the cannon…

This was one time I was sort of happy that Kodi was Deaf at this moment. He didn’t wake up at all… He didn’t even stir and he was right there on the couch. I was more worried one of them or I was going to get hurt… Kids were flying through the air and falling…










Well nothing has been broken… No bones, no furniture and no egos!!!

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  1. Ya… I’m still working on some of these stunts. Colt is making a wierd face in the last pic!!! 😜

  2. You have great kids! 🙂

  3. Those are some fun photos of your kids 🙂

  4. What a lovely family!

  5. You have a very sweet family! 🙂

  6. Love!!! Love the smiles. Love Kodi sleeping in the background! Thanks for sharing your family!!!!