Kodiak knows what he wants!

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It has been awhile since I posted because we have been quite busy. We have been working hard, playing hard, studying hard and learning hard lessons.

So last week Kodi got to go play at a giggling place and he got upset about the coat. Now my care givers and intervenors for Kodi have a very tough job. They try to learn about Kodi, learn his likes and dislikes and routines. They may have a very different idea as they are unique people as well. So along with the food challenges, rule challenges and communication challenges comes another one. I hope this doesn’t say they are not measuring up in any way… That’s not the point! This is one challenge. Remembering his clothing. Kodi had a coat on and went to play. He was having fits over this coat. When he came home it was not his coat. This is Kodi’s coat.


This is the coat he came home with


What’s the difference? One had outside front pockets… One has different sleeve…
What is the same?
Well the colors very similar, both Lands’ End coats, one size 6/7 Kodi’s a size 7/8, they both have hoods. But all of these have visual clues… To Kodiak he couldn’t tell by this other than it felt small, this weird thing that goes over the hand and these weird snap pockets that were not there. He was having fits over this I guess. Anyway we got the wrong coat to the other owner and we got Kodi’s coat back. Kodi knows when something is not quite right.

Next… We have been so busy and since I had felt sick Kodi has had to fall asleep differently because I couldn’t hold him and risk getting him sicker. Ho! hum!!! Anyway so now he wants to be by mom again. We picked up some last-minute things at Target for the weekend… He was so giggly and holding on to me. Then when we got food he was so giggly! He was so happy to fall asleep on me. He curled right up into a little ball and snuggled against me and didn’t move. Sighed and went right to sleep.

Saturday we got up and left house at 6:00 am to drive an hour and 40 minutes away to spend the day with friends. We were learning how to benefit ourselves and how to be better people. Kodi enjoyed the walking on the streets, skyways, halls, and mingling with the crowd all with his cane.

20130404-194815.jpg20130404-194827.jpgBut the most amazing thing was going up and down several kinds of public stairs using his cane and very independent of others. 20130404-194836.jpg20130404-194844.jpg

The credit goes to his vision teacher here…

I know she would be very proud…20130404-194920.jpg

20130404-194911.jpgHe had a ton of practice two days in a row.20130404-194927.jpg20130404-194903.jpg

20130404-194935.jpgHe got to meet and greet many people this weekend.

I would sign friend and try to remember to sign (finger spell) their names.
The other very successful thing was him telling me he needed a restroom. And he even would hang his cane on the hook. Only one time he was not successful and so we started back and he felt the stairs and threw a fit and started headed back to the restroom. So we went back and he was then successful… He was confused by the automatic sinks and paper towel dispensers…. But the stairs were amazing. He ate a ton all weekend.

When we got home on Sunday he was so excited to just flop on the couch.

He had no idea that in 45 minutes his Nana and Papa would arrive.

He was so excited to feel them that he couldn’t contain himself.

20130404-194945.jpgHe pulled my dad’s hand until my dad stood up. Then he went around behind my dad and climbed up on his back. He wanted my dad to give him a ride and he was so excited and happy. It was cute until he started grabbing my parents glasses.

The other very cute thing… My dad knows very little signs but Kodi took him in the kitchen and the fridge and grabbed the water jug. My dad knew he wanted a drink. Kodi is communicating in his own way as to what he wants and needs This is so good to see. My mom had success with the bathroom deal and so did his Intervenor today. He told them, they took him and he went.

Also last night I gave him his upstairs bathroom cue card and he went all the way upstairs to my bathroom with the only bathtub and took his clothes off when I signed “time for bath”. He got in the tub himself and enjoyed his toys. The only thing he did then is 3 times he drank his soapy bath water. I’d sign “no stop” and he would giggle!  That is just gross. After bath we did the usual. He got dried off and put on his own pull-up and then held his arm out for lotion. He gets lotion on his back, tummy, arms and hands, legs and feet. Then his PJ shirt and bottoms.  He then marched out of the bathroom and down the stairs and wanted popcorn. He got that, his meds and water.  Then he curled up on me and went right to sleep.  What a cute little guy. He needs so much food these days.

Anyway, we are making progress. Kodi still has not received his assessment for an iPad. Its taking a long time here.  We keep getting asked.  I know he is being exposed to Braille and we really want the equipment. Added to this we have been showing him the braille books as well.  Hopefully soon! We will be meeting for his IEP here very soon as well.  This is all for now… But I hope to update more this weekend as well.

I got the below comment emailed to me from another DeafBlind person… I wanted to share the link… please note her comments about her iPad.


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  1. I don’t leave comments very often, because I really don’t have any thing to contribute, but I wanted you to know that there are some of us out here following your story, cheering you on and offering up prayers for your whole family. I’ve never had to cope with anything like your situation – the closest I came was caring for my elderly mother for some years – but there’s still much I can learn from you and Kodi.

    I also know someone in Houston who will be interested in the iphone/iPad link, and I’ll pass it on.

    • That is very sweet of you. I know people care. My goal from day one was first simplify how I communicate with so many people that email, text or call all asking basically the same questions. I appreciate hearing from strangers that tell me they have learned something. That is a good product that comes with a blog. But is you know someone that could be helped with the information then I’m very happy to help.

      Caring for anyone whether a baby or elderly person is a huge task in itself. What Kodi has to deal with is daunting at times but also rewarding! We celebrate his successes because he needs to continue to explore. He was so bad there for a couple of years that we are excited for him. We grieve daily for his eyes and the very little vision he had but he’s really learning that he’s ok. And THAT makes is sort of ok! 🙂

      Feel free to comment anytime!

  2. Andrea Osorio

    That brought tears to my eyes, I am so proud of Kodi, his hard work is paying off. I will keep praying to Jehovah to give you guys all endurance. I know that something we take for granted just like going up and down the stairs,but for him to go up and down the stairs by his self is such a big thing for Kodi, I know that he is becoming alittle more independent but he still depends on you all alot. Thank you for sharing. Love you fits

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!!! It’s so hard but every little thing we all take for granted has to be learned a whole new way for him but also us… Sometimes we just have to put our ear plugs in and close our eyes and imagine what he might be feeling etc… Then we can kind of grasp what we need to do to teach him something new… So when he is so brave and charges a head and is successful walking up and down to an unknown place I can only imaging how terrified I would feel… But he has learned we are not far away… So he knows we will be there as another set of eyes… I hope we never fail him. It gives him so much confidence!!!
      The prayers are always welcome! We pray all the time just hoping he has courage to learn and just knows his grand future ahead.. 🙂
      Love you cuz… And give the girlies a hug from us all!!!

  3. Kodi is so cute. I’m so proud of him and how he did such a great job with his cane.

  4. Waiting is so frustrating. Hopefully, it won’t take much longer. Thanks for taking the time to look at and like my posts “And Lift Off” and “Hovering”.