Bath, Pink Body Sock, and lots of food!

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Well, again we all are still getting over the remainder of colds. And again Colt got really sick to his stomach — last night. So today was a day to sleep in a bit. It’s been a very difficult month for us. So off to store last night to find Colt some PJ’s that fit. And something to settle his tummy. Both my boys are growing.

Kodi was a hoot! He was so happy and huge contrast to Colt who was so sad and hurting. We got home and got Kodi ready for bed and his meds. Symone decided Kodi could sleep with her so that we could let Colt have the room to himself and keep Kodi well. Colt finally went to sleep and so did Kodi.

Symone and I had mom and daughter time. We watched a silly movie and talked. It was nice. We shed our tears for things in life that is unfair and we talked about how we wished things were different. We talked about when Kodi will no longer be DeafBlind, have scoliosis or CHARGE Syndrome. We talked about the hope we have when Kodi will see and hear and talk and wondered how he will be. We both think he will stick close to us and yet explore quietly on his own. Even when he can see a tree and hear his hands on the bark he will touch it in a way as if he is seeing for the first time and trying to understand what it is. He will touch it like his hands are telling him what he is seeing. And then come in and put his head on our lap and tell us what he learned about a tree and how he wants to show us so he knows what it’s called… Remember movie Bambi? The word flower? Anyway…

Tonight after his bath, and after a filling day of a lot of food Kodi is resting on the couch in his hot pink body sock. He has a couple of toys inside that he is tossing around. We got tired of him stripping his clothes off so we decided it was time to give it a try.



We got to pick up messes, do laundry, fold and put away some things and he even tried to undue the things we were we were doing but we redirected him to something else.

Opps! He just tossed out the toys! 🙂 and now scooting off the couch… Like a hot pink inchworm looking for the floor…


He got up and began walking around… Bobbing his head up and down like a chicken and giggling so hard. He got by the plants and face planted right into them… (Sorry bad joke Symone said) but we checked him and he’s ok. He was laughing so hard.


Then he had enough and took it off and put it away. He wanted Symone to dance with him so she did. He was giggling so hard and laughing silently as he was holding his breath and laughing so hard. Then gasp for breath of air and start again. She flipped him upside down and he just couldn’t stop laughing.


He’s been sounding a lot like a grizzly lately — growling! Reminds me that If you come face to face with a real one now that it is spring… Be very careful! We still have snow but when they wake up they will be very hungry….

My Colt is wanting me to take him to doctor. I will have to go now and see what he needs. Poor kid.

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  1. I hope Colt feels better very soon.

  2. Very nice:) So much love.

  3. Kodi was so funny last night. He was just laughing so hard and jumping all over the place. He is such a cute little guy. I love him so much. 🙂 Hope you feel better soon Colt. I know I told you before I left for school but… I had too tell you again… And I know you are reading this… 😉

  4. I gotta get me on of those body socks! Hope Colt gets better soon. Being sick is no fun! 🙁

  5. Fun picture of not a very fun situation for Colt. I hope he gets better soon. Nobody likes to be sick.

  6. Little Bird’s Dad nominated you for a “Liebster Award” – Read about it here.

    • I want to thank you for the nomination. I cant get these to work with my iphone. I’m very sorry. But thank you anyway. It’s nice to know you think it deserves an award.