When Mom is Sick!

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When kids were younger this was horrible! And my husband then would get mad at me when I was sick and say I was faking it. Now kids are older and husband is an ex. It still is not so wonderful.

It’s a huge challenge because Kodi can’t figure out where I went. He wants me to hold him. I refuse to and it breaks my heart. I don’t want him getting sick. I was fine yesterday. Then out of no where I was feeling faint and hot. I brought Kodiak home. It was not long when I realized how sick I was. I thought I had just been over heated and needed to cool down. Kodiak was a menace. My two older ones would not be home for almost 2 hours. I was lying on the floor drifting in an out of awareness. Going from extremely hot feeling to shivering and chills. He was in the loft and I was in my room on the floor watching him. He paced back and forth like a caged animal. Then he took all the clean clothes and began throwing them everywhere. Then he found his long-lost (to him not us) no no’s. He got so wild and began swiping everything off Symone’s shelves, dresser and bed. I could not get him. I could only watch. I texted kids. They would be home in minutes. I got sick several times and when they got home I went to my bed. They were up all hours trying to get the monster asleep. I woke at 12:45 am and told kids to go to bed. They put Kodiak in his bed and finally the lights were out.

My phone went off at 4:00 am ish telling me there was a moderately strong geomagnetic storm in progress with a KP index of 6. Aw man! I was too weak to drive to go take kids to see the Northern Lights! But they did watch what they could from the windows even with the city lights. I went back to sleep. I woke feeling a little better.

But now the aftermath. The picking up clothes that were clean everywhere. Kids attempts of making food for supper and breakfast. The mess is overwhelming. And the laundry is huge.

Once again I have to call in the troops to help. They are not happy with me. But they do need to pitch in. Kodi just wants me to hold him. I worry he’s feeling sick now. I worry he will get what Colt and I had. If he does then I worry we will have to take him in for an IV like usual to get him hydrated. The good thing? Only lasted less than 24 hours. But I hate getting sick and feeling like I’m letting my little people down. And it’s heartbreaking to turn a little DeafBlind kid away when you are sick and you don’t want him getting it. It rips my heart in two. I hate how it must make him feel. I wish he could understand. My poor little baby. I hate when any of my kiddos are ill. It’s horrible to know they hurt so much. I try to remember to be thankful that’s all it is. There are many worse things out there.

No Photos Please! Today is just to messy! It’s sunny right now and we have snow moving in for tomorrow again. Kodiak is crying some this morning. I fear he’s getting sick. Or is it the storm. Time will tell!!! Here this is ok to show! My lovely, lovely snow and sunset!


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  1. Glad you were able to recover fairly quickly! Hopefully Kodi doesn’t get sick too, fingers crossed, postive energy, thoughts, prayers all headed your direction.

  2. Very glad you are feeling better, I really hope no one else in your house gets it.

  3. I’m glad you are feeling better and I hope that Kodi is having a good night.

  4. stay healthy everyone.
    silly to ask, but can you feel anything from a geomagnetic storm?