Sheep gone to sleep!

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This post is because I shouted quietly to my remaining awake kids “Little Sheep! Little sleep! Go to sleep my little sheep!”
Symone got all misty eyed. “Aw cute mom! Where did you read that?” “I didn’t!” I say “I just blurted it out! Finally I rhymed and you didn’t laugh at me!”

So I guess when I said my rhyme… I had children’s books on my mind.

We talked about the little books that we used to read. “Sheep in a Jeep” “Sheep out to eat” etc some of the best kid books.

My all time favorite book to read to kids is “‘Stand Back!’ said the elephant ‘I’m going to sneeze!'”And a few Dr Seuss books as well.

I face a dilemma because I love to read to kids…. it comes down to the simple fact – I don’t know how to read to Kodiak.

We used to look at photo books with high contrast and then sign to him. But now what.

Last fall Kodiak’s vision teacher had us pick out some books from a list. So we did!

My kids loved Biscuit books — they love puppies! Kodiak knows the puppy sign and the friend sign…

We love Nemo and I say this a lot “Just keep swimming!” In a life of hard knocks its sometimes the only thing you can do! Kodi loves water, fish and did love the Nemo movie… He knows sign for water, fish and Nemo and swimming!

We guessed on spring surprises… Animals and seasons? It’s a level 2 book… Grow into it…

Then Biscuit takes a walk… Kodi knows the sign for walk… And we walk and walk and walk.

Last but not least… Tuck me in… 🙂 we kind of tuck him in… He falls asleep on us with his blankie. And there are sleep issues here in this house!

Anyway, prisoners were taught to label these books for the blind kids. Well I guess it’s a good use of their time? At least it benefits little blind kids. I don’t think I will tell Kodiak this.

I took photos without flash so you could see the Braille dots… I’m excited to show Kodi..

But tonight was not the night. He was crying some tonight. He had a fall… Don’t see anything out of ordinary but then He got wild. So now my wild child is asleep. My little sheep fell fast asleep!!! 🙂

So these are the cool little books that came today!






Now I must sleep and count some sheep!

6 Responses

  1. My mom likes to rhyme especially when she is tired 🙂 te he!

  2. That’s nice that they have some in braille. I loved “Sheep in a Jeep” and “Sheep in a Shop”.

  3. I love the books you have for him! And Biscuit is the hottest thing ever at our house. Has been for about three years. I tried to get rid of some books – we have a lot – try to donate some – and I had a Biscuit book in there. ALL THREE GIRLS flipped out!

    Take care. Hope all is calm tomorrow.