Last minute things can be amazing!

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So on Friday I just was talking with my coworker about how our weekend plans were about to be ruined with freezing rain, sleet, snow etc. Anyway as I was walking out the door my phone was vibrating and I looked and saw it was from my brother.

Now as often as he calls its either my phone dialed him on accident and he’s just checking to see if I’m ok… Or something is wrong… (Nothing personal big little brother – big because he’s 6’4″ and little because he’s younger than me) Anyway that is usually the first two reasons…

I answered and he said the other family that was supposed to go with them to the water park at WI Dells all got sick. He was wondering if we wanted to come down.

Well, that was a cool thing. I love it when I can surprise my kids however, due to the weather being uncooperative for the other plans I decided we would have been home cooped up and frustrated. So I said yes. But of course we had another obligation we had to figure out as well. A dear friend and her kids took care of that for us!

So I don’t know if my brother’s family and their little guest we will call “A” would give me permission to post the photos… But let’s just say we had fun.

My kids had spring break all week and my parents were here until Thursday. So on Friday they did a great job taking care of Kodi and playing the Wii. So when I told them yes they jumped right up. They giggled and laughed and told Kodi “Little buddy you are going to be so surprised!”

Ok so right now I need to take a step back. I know all the experts say you need a good solid routine for kids to feel secure and happy… Blah blah blah! This is where I don’t entirely agree. I grew up very secure and happy. I experienced the surprises and the disappointments that came along in life.
There were many times we were about to go somewhere and one phone call either delayed or completely cancelled our plans. If we never tell our kids until it’s a sure thing well that’s not reality! My entire life has been just that! Full of surprises and a large number bad! But along the way I have learned that just as bad things happen the good surprises get you from one bad moment to the next. My kids are proof. They are happy most of the time. The even bigger proof? If Kodiak were so into schedules we would not be able to do what we did this weekend and for it to go so smoothly!

Kodiak’s normal routine at home?
He gets up and if wide awake he eats, drinks and gets meds.
If he is hard to wake up… We nudge him along gradually. Slowly get food in the little guy and meds etc.
He gets dressed and awaits whatever the day holds for him… If its school then he has more of a scheduled day.
If he is at home he waits for his intervenors to arrive for their routine. This is not exactly the same. Depends on his moods.
However, the weekend we have a couple of things that change up. And the rest is whatever the weekend holds for us.

Bedtime is almost reverse. He gets his pj’s on. Gets meds a snack and drink and we cuddle. However, sometimes that takes a long time. Others it’s easy. We carry him to bed. Very easy. Well… He’s 50 pounds… Up one or two flights of stairs…

Why this weekend would have been difficult?
We had nothing packed. We had errands to run and then grabbed supper and ate in the dark (nothing different for Kodi there as he always eats in the dark but meant kids were helping him in the dark) in the car. Kodi was hungry. We didn’t leave our town until 8:30 pm. So that meant Kodi didn’t get meds until more like 9:00 and after he had a very late supper. He was squeaking a bit because he was very hungry… But he could tell something was happening. How I don’t know. He was actually clapping his hands with excitement
We got to destination and in room about midnight. Kodi was already asleep and so I just put him into a bed. (Not PJ’s) and I tried to sleep but I was too keyed up.

We got up in the morning and Kodi didn’t get his usual breakfast and was still in clothes. He got his meds and breakfast bars and he was walking around the room trying to figure it out.

So we all got our swimsuits on and gear ready. Kodi took off his clothes and I handed him his swim pull-up. He knows the difference and got a huge smile on his face. Then I handed him his swim shirt. He handed it back because its shirtsleeved. I think he thought I was joking. So I handed him his swim trunks. He giggled and started a little dance. Then when I handed him his shirt he eagerly put it on giggling the whole time. He knew what was up.

So my brother decided to carry him on his back. Kodi was acting all nice until my brother decided to let him feel his life jacket. Kodi felt it with one finger just a very tiny bit and he got so wild my brother couldn’t hold him. He wanted that life jacket on and now!

Well after the jaunt to get there he was so excited and happy. We took him in this wave pool that he really loves. He got cold so we took him out and warmed him up. Sort of. He just gets goggles, life jacket and wet shirt off and a towel on and sits on my lap like 3 minutes and he’s signing “more” I pretend to think he wants more to eat or drink… But no. He takes the food and drink but then pushes my hand around and gets up digging in bags etc for his goggles, shirt and lifejacket. Poor kid!

We spent a large part of the day between two water parks. Then we went back to the awesome room/suite. I gave Kodi a bath in a whirlpool tub. Mainly to warm him up. The tub was not a normal shape but in the corner with 3 bump outs. Plus the jets were spraying water. Now this could have confused him. Nope! Very trusting that its a good thing that I’m making him do and in he goes. He didn’t even feel around just totally relaxed and stretched out with only head above the water. He got warm and was happy. We got him out and dressed for later and we went out to the great room and got ready to eat. He sat at the big dining table and chairs and enjoyed his supper.

Then we went to the dry park. The other kids did the rope sky walk but I was way to tired to take him. But he would just take off trying to feel the railing. Back and forth like a caged animal. I think he knew the other kids were having fun without him. Anyway, we gave him his meds around 8:00 pm and we left there 30 minutes or so later. But now had quite a walk and those meds were kicking in. Poor little guy. We got him back and put his PJ’s on and we cuddled.

Kodiak was happy. He slept all night long with me in a king sized bed. It was so quiet. I slept so good!!! It was dark. No traffic noise! No sirens! No loud motel noises! Just very very quiet!

But we lost an hour of sleep. You know those movies where people wake up late and have a flight to catch? it was kind of like that. Clocks had to move forward an hour. Daylight savings begins again!! We had to get up at 8:00 and of course none of the clocks got changed. But thanks to phones my alarm went off at 8:00 and I kept looking at the room clock thinking I set it at 7:00… It said 7:00 am. So I looked at phone after hitting snooze a few times and realized we had to hurry. Well we made it with all the rushing. Out by 10:00 am. Put our suits on and off we went again.

My brother and his wife took Kodi on the lazy river while I went with a niece and my two older kids on a ride they begged me to come with on. It’s called the hurricane!! Way too short of a ride (30 seconds) for the almost hour wait! After getting done there we went back to the wave pool. Kodi would not stop laughing. Him and I were getting tossed about on our two man tube. We got flipped out and I hit my head. I never let go of him but he did go under. We kept getting pounded with the wild waves. But finally we got back up. After that he was laughing so hard and yet he held on tighter to me. I had a ton of fun with everyone… And Kodi’s laugh just made it a 100 times more fun! The fun ended when someone (no one from our group) decided to use the pool as a toilet…. So it was a good time to leave. We got home got our showers. I took Kodi’s water park wrist band off while he was in the tub. He got so angry. But then he realized he was in water and he quickly forgot about it.

So this weekend threw routines right out the door. Kodi communicated his needs. He was so happy! And he was very willing to go along with the plan. He is very trusting and adventurous. Oh! And he really enjoyed teasing my brother…

Anyway. Back to routines. Well very loose ones around here… But back to the plans. But nice to have a fun thing thrown in there.

Thank you Darrin, Kim and girls!



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  1. What a great adventure, thank you for sharing!! All of Kodi’s giggles made me giggle! Kodi is a man after my own heart…I, too, love the water!

    • I like the water the least… But I have 3 water babies! I almost drowned as a tween and so I have respect for water and its not very enjoyable to me unless its hot out or it’s just so fun you forget about it. Kodi actually scared me. He wasn’t even trying to stay above the water he had complete trust I would get him up… What if I’m not there… I never leave him the bath tub alone either… He goes under on purpose…

  2. Such a fabulous weekend! I think the parent always knows their children best and Kodi sounds like he had a great time! He is lucky to have a parent like you!

  3. Andrea Osorio

    I am so glad you had a nice time. You guys all deserve it.

  4. Wow. Look at that place! What fun!

  5. That was so much fun thank you for taking us mom. 🙂 😉

  6. I love that place! What an awesome time. I’m so happy you got away. Impromptu is sometimes the best thing ever!!!! Kudos for being up for the change of plans!