Body sock and peppermint!

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2:30 am seems to be the time the plows LOVE to come by to plow my street and the busy street (not usually busy that time of night) by my window. So since they are still making SO MUCH NOISE, I decided to write the post I should have done before I went to bed.

I wonder if the plows read my post a few weeks ago about the beeping sound in reverse…. The last two snowfalls the beeping has been missing! If they did πŸ™‚ thanks a lot!!!! πŸ™‚

My parents arrived sometime yesterday afternoon (Monday) I don’t know the time because I was at work and my kids were too busy and excited to let me know! They are off school (spring break) and they also have a dog walking/sitting job all week. To help cut down on possible fights I gave my lovelies chores to do. I’m not sure it helped but for the most part it looks like they did most of the chores! πŸ™‚ Thanks you kids!

So Monday AM Kodi woke up banging his head against his bed. Since we are under a Winter Storm Warning for our area I can only guess why. I got up (didn’t need to be to work until 8:30 am) and woke up other two and we drove over to neighbors so they could take care of the cute doggie friend. We came back home. Then as I was getting ready for work Kodi was head banging again while Colt was trying to feed him breakfast. It’s when I remembered a lovely readers comment about her son and headaches and peppermint oil. I ran upstairs and got my peppermint oil and rubbed a little on his temples. He stopped the head banging and I think was wondering what I was doing. I put a little on myself just to see if my headache would also go away and if it would make me feel any different as far as hyper, dizzy etc. well I didn’t feel different and my headache went away.

How did Kodiak do all day? Well according to my kids they had a half hour of peace when he was in his body sock. After breakfast he got mad that he was not going to school. He must have known it was Monday. He kept getting his back pack. But then got it open and found his BODY SOCK and Symone put it on him. He was so happy and was calm for that half hour until he decided he had enough and he took it off. I wonder if he was aware it was still in his backpack? I showed him where I put it. So tomorrow hopefully kids will have him get it and make the choice! πŸ™‚


He’s blurry because he’s moving. But he ended up laying on the couch playing with his hands and feet. All I can say for being the boy he is thank goodness he can’t see. I know when he could see he would not wear pink. He would shove it at me or Symone knowing it must be one of our items. πŸ˜‰

Anyway after BODY SOCK time he began the jumping phase. Now at school this sometimes is what they call his “potty” dance. But Symone tried taking him and he only refused to go in the restroom and was not wet. He just wanted to jump. The storm began spitting a little sleet and then snow and he never cried. He didn’t head bang and he was wild and giggling! Hmmmm! Peppermint oil? It has to be. I know peppermint oil can make a person alert and awake as well so I was always hesitant to try on him. It looks like this could be a factor as well.

Nana and Papa arrived and the kids were excited! Kodi was as well. When I got home Mr Jumping Bear was still at it. We ate supper that Nana made. πŸ™‚ My dad went to his truck and came back bearing gifts. Woah! Colt has a huge helicopter now. I’m not so sure about that one! And Papa made a pink stone necklace for Symone. And a topaz necklace and earrings for me. Wow! His dad made jewelry and usually out of turquoise. It’s cool to see the stuff. They are cool. He’s going to try to fix the broken chairs. I’m quite upset the chairs are broken. I know Kodi is DeafBlind but he’s not allowed to destroy things. I’m not sure how this happened but we have 3 very broken chairs.

So Mr. Jumping Bear never stopped until he crashed around 10:15 pm. He ate supper good and loved popcorn but reminds me of Cookie Monster on Sesame Street as a kid the way he eats it. Very messy and more ends up on the floor than in his mouth. (I hear Cookie Monster doesn’t eat cookies now? Too many kids were eating too many cookies? Ok? Well I can honestly say I LOVED COOKIES way before I ever saw Cookie Monster, and the way he ate them? It didn’t make me crave a cookie. I didn’t like a mess when I ate so I didn’t think the cookies flying everywhere was very appealing. It didn’t make me want a cookie and make a mad dash to the noisy cookie jar! I would have to disagree on that issue)

Anyway… Come back soon… I can see we have several inches of snow… Kids are off school. I’m sure we will have some wonderful snowy photos to add… I told kids last weekend on the warm sunny days to cheer up. WINTER is NOT over yet!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Sorry for those that hate winter and were looking forward to spring. πŸ™ but around here we are happy! πŸ™‚


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  1. Hooray for continuing winter! πŸ˜€