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Well, Wednesday night was not just a low tire! It was more. I got gas and blew up my tire… No not as in blowing it up to smithereens but rather I put air in the tire. I had to pay 1.00 for the air. I was at a creepy truck stop. It was dark where I was putting in the air and of course I didn’t have the wonderful gadget in my glove box… I can only think of my 13-year-old son now and that he has found a very different use for it because if anything sits around too long and it does not seem that we use it for what it was purposes to be used for well let’s just say he creates different uses for them. A story for another time that makes me thankful at times that Kodiak can’t do what he does…
Anyway. I called my dad to have him on the phone while I struggled with the cold windy winter air and the stupid air compressor. My dad “you had to pay a $1.00? I would go somewhere else!” “We’ll dad I’m very sorry but this is where I got gas. I was low on fuel as well. Oh! And according to this pump the $1.00 goes to feed starving children!” We both laughed. Really? Like $1.00 will feed a starving child? I’m sure I was the only one that paid for air there that day and probably all winter!
Ok so on to today. Two days later I’m driving along and though what is wrong with this huge solid FORD EXPEDITION? It really feels sloppy! Suddenly I remembered my rear passenger tire and slowed way down. I have kids I have to get home to. I don’t want a flat and flip and “get dead” as one little friend called it.
I got to my clinic and oh my


Ok! So I ran into work. Punched in and got settled into my day. My co-worker was first to go to lunch and she checked my tire on her way to lunch and texted me it was very low.
Well when I went out after she got b


Ok… So would you attempt to drive on it? Well I did 2 miles to a Quik Trip that had FREE AIR! I pumped it up! Again very cold wind! I had about 50 guys all watching me and I swear laughing! I kicked myself for not asking about my tire gauge or at least picking one up. So I just kept airing it up… I have no idea how much air is in there and tire pressure… The tire is rock solid and I better not hit something or she will blow for sure!


Well. Hard to tell I photos… This experience made me feel very alone! I hate this feeling! I hate being the only one taking care of things. I hate this endless hole in my heart and never-ending pain! No one understands it! So I just keep walking through life with a smile on my face! Because talking about it really smarts! But today it all came smashing back at me like a freight train!

But the thing is I got through the rest of my work day. Got kids supper and went home. I cut Colt’s hair first…. Then Kodiak’s. it’s been awhile that he has sat so nicely… And his hair was long. But I hate it too short because then your really notice his disfiguring disabilities. Anyway! He actually sat the whole time and didn’t giggle and wiggle. I got it shorter and the whole thing this time… It’s been a very long time. Then he got his bath!

I will post photos tomorrow. I couldn’t take any because. My iPhone was dying and he was so sweet to me. We were on the couch and he cuddled up to me and held my face in his hands and patted me on the head. Then he put his forehead up too mine and fell asleep. I love this kid. He held my hand as I signed “I love you” and he giggled! Thank you Kodiak!
And thank you Symone and Colten for the hugs too! It makes this day so much better! The whole is still in my tire! Just like my heart! But when I’m with my kids it’s a little less alone!

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  1. Ugh, car troubles are the worst – a tool so essential in our current society, yet they can be one of the most complex contraptions and infernal annoyances we ever have to deal with. Plus, there is no consistency from one car to the next, from one gas station to the next, from one mechanic to the next. Free air here, but $1.00 over there. This air compressor has a built in guage so you know how pressurized the tire is, but the instructions for how much you are supposed to fill it up to aren’t on the inner panel of the door like they are on the other car you drive.

    My wife came home from work on Monday night with steam pouring out from under the hood and water dripping like crazy underneath. I’m not a mechanic. I’m not a car guy. I don’t know much. But, sure, pop the hood and let me take a look. 15 minutes later (at 11:45PM and my alarm goes off at 5AM) I had deduced that it was a water leak, instead of an oil leak, and that we needed to have it towed to the shop. If I had known a bit more about cars I might have been able to figure that it was a leak in hose for the heater, and not a hose for the radiator and that could have saved us a bit of time and aggrevation in figuring out how to get the car to the mechanic…

    Grumble, grumble, grumble. So, I’ll feeling your car pain and woes this week. You aren’t alone.

    • Yes! Car issues are the worst! I just have the one and when it goes down…. Well I lose out of work etc!
      What was even more irritating is how many people WATCH you struggle trying to get it figured out and then shake their head and actually laugh.
      Oh! Well! πŸ™‚

  2. I hate low tires – my 4WD warning light is on – drove to dealership clear in Inver Grove – nearest Nissan dealer – with my daughter telling me the whole time the light was on. I know sweetie…..over and over and over again. Then when we picked it up the next night she told me the entire way home it was still on. I know sweetie – they have to order the part….the lights on mama…over and over and over.

    I am thankful she could see the light. I was frustrated with her but then remembered the joy you will have when Kodiak can see that light and tell you it’s on…over and over again.

    I am thankful for learning more about CHARGE from you – and I’m excited to share your blog more in the upcoming months!!!


    • Don’t you just LOVE those little backseat drivers? Mine… “The speed limit is 25 and your going 26 opps now 24 now 25…. ” “mom the brakes are squeaking again!” As if I can’t hear them… “The low fuel light is on!” YES YES IM LOOKING FOR THE NEAREST GAS STATION!

      I’m glad you are learning about CHARGE Syndrome. It’s crazy how many people never have heard of it. But what’s even more shocking is very few in the medical field have heard of it.

      Hope your light gets fixed soon! It’s not a place to be up here without 4 wheel drive… Winter is not over yet… πŸ™‚

  3. When it rains, it pours, huh? Really sorry that it was a stressful day and how shameful of grown men to stand there and not offer to help you. A real proud day for their mothers. I hope winter is about over,I need to see pretty Spring colors.

    • Yes! What happened to the nice guys! I just told myself they probably never saw a girl pump up a tire. But I was wrangling the hose that would not stay put but kept recoiling an a huge puddle too. Oh well! πŸ™‚