Looking Back!

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Off to work I went! Although I was really NOT awake. I didn’t sleep most the night! This time there was a ton of loud traffic. I would just drift off and then ZOOOOOM! And my eyes would fly open. Then came frustration and adrenalin kicking in and then slowly settle down and REEEEEEKKKKPUTTPUTT! Grrrrrr!

Well another thing! It’s a FULLMOON! The grizzly would giggle and screech only in his sleep!

The frosty fog made it absolutely beautiful driving to work. Crossing the river was breathtaking! But I couldn’t take photos. Oh! I was tempted!

This shot was last September. AMAZING! But couldn’t resist. The other one too. Kids had to take for me because I was driving!

I have to head west in the am and east in the pm. So what I see is always looking back.


So why post this? Well there are times in our lives we have to look back. IE: See the progress (or lack of) in people, things or ourselves. Or to remember someone you lost. Also to heal painful spots. Well, this sunset/sunrise is so intense in the mirror. It was an angle I see so much but never captured before. It reminds me of so much of my life. Not all is bad when I look back. But I can see the beauty in all the members of my family as we endure the pain of the things we see/feel at times and behold the beauty that our experience transformed us to be.

Today was a frosty day! Quite a contrast to the sunny photos! But one that triggered a funny saying from the Irish. “Top O’ the morning to ya” (good morning to you) well I could not resist this: “FROSTY morning to ya!” πŸ™‚ My family loved it!


Ok! So not the best photos but for an iPhone I think ok.

Anyway, as I touched on yesterday about Kodiak and his training… Well I have no idea how today went at all. However we were at a meeting tonight and Kodi scooted right off his chair and then I noticed he had one hand in the toilet sign. Just holding his hand quietly off to the side. I got up and ran him to the restroom! It’s a public one and he went successfully!!!!

The second time he didn’t go. But thinks its funny!

So again I will say this. We need to figure out traveling. He’s a very smart kid. The ideas people had are right on. For those out there dealing with the same issues? Here’s what an intervenor for the DeafBlind triplets told me last year. Sit him down over and over and have a favorite candy ready in a jar. If they go put a few in the mouth. It won’t take long. The other came from the Perkins school for the blind… Tracking times wet etc. That’s what they used more in school to track him being wet/dry.

I put him on every time before bath… Half the time he went successfully. Then we would try to catch him in the act!

Well, now he knows the sign. But our eyes can’t be on him at all times! So this is very difficult!

Keep comments coming! I’m thinking it sparks the ideas out there to help come up with solutions for all.

Ok! Again looking back! When we started this he was 4. Then he has setbacks with illness. Then we tried again and he decided the toilet was so much fun to play in! Then again and he had to have some surgeries. His heart surgery. Then the casting on his feet. Then braces. And we started it yet again and the vision loss began. It became our very dark time of his life! Literally! Dark for him and dark emotionally for me. Now he’s curious and exploring again! And now it’s finally working!!!!

I need to figure out seat belting situation and the communication in the car. Basic needs!

Thank you all for the support! Thank you to those Sharing your difficulties with your nonverbal kiddos and this process. Its hard toilet training any kid. bit then add disabilities!!! Oh! And yes! I will not show the ASL sign for poop! Well I might have to for the people involved… But actually not one I want Kodiak to really learn… Well maybe I do… I don’t know yet!

Looking back I thought I’d never get to this point! But here we are! πŸ™‚ I hope this time it is completely successful!!!!

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  1. You are doing so well. It must be very difficult, I’m sure you’ll get there in the end. Lovely photos and it’s no harm to look back from time to time.

  2. Thank you so much. Have received several and don’t know how to add them. I have an iPhone and I don’t think I can do it from there. I will try to look later. Thanks so much.

  3. You are amazing and your energy and compassion comes through in your words. Just keep moving forward!

  4. To say the least, you’re an inspiration to a lot of people. Your patience, empathy, compassion, courage and endurance are phenomenal. I can’t even begin to imagine the courage it takes to write, to bare your soul, about your experiences with Kodiak. I pray for you and Kodiak every night. God bless you and Kodiak. You guys are a very powerful team.

    • That is nice of you. I don’t feel like I inspire… But I try to smile my way through life in hopes that it helps me keep a good outlook on life! Well I pray and read the bible a lot too… Also really helps!

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  6. I love your photos of course πŸ™‚

  7. deborah honeycutt

    Loved the pics. You’re quite the inspiration for all of us!

  8. Hi! I enjoy reading about Kodiak! thank you for sharing your experiences.

    I saw you’re working on figuring out what to use for signing poop. My husband and I use the handshape β€œbβ€β€˜ shaken sideways like toilet, for bowel movement. Just a β€˜clean’ idea. (We do go ahead and sign the more obvious poop sign, too.)