First rollar coaster ride…

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It’s been awhile since we posted. But that’s because we had either too much going on… Not enough going on…. And/or what was going on really was no change in our daily life.
We have had beautiful snow…. 🙂 I always welcome snow!
We have had fun as a family and we had to go to work or school.

I learned something last night. I found myself alone with Kodiak gathering things we needed from Target and then getting supper with just him at Panera bread. As we were sitting there he was eating his Mac-n-cheese shells with 1/2 of my broccoli-n-cheese soup added to it… And people around me did not understand my communication with him. So I felt very alone and the very first time in my life in very awkward silence that I felt the urge to talk to him even though he can’t hear. But so that I could hear myself and so others would know I can hear.

One lady kept saying to her husband. “I think they are deaf? But the boy looks blind.” I wanted to jump up and say. “If you really want to know come and ask! Yes he’s DeafBlind! And you know he head bangs his head on the table so I have to help him eat and sit with him right next to me holding my arm. He knows he’s in a strange place and doesn’t want to lose contact with me.”

But no one did. I just got people laughing at us or talking about us like I couldn’t hear. I realized then something and it hit really hard. Once my older two grow up… (Hopefully that never happens) I won’t have anyone to talk to. So I just said out loud “It’s just me and you kid! Good thing I’m your mom and love you so much!”

Anyway today we had a very good day. Both Symone and Colten were huge helpers and they had Kodi up and ready to go this am. We did our Saturday am routine and then went with friends to MOA. (Mall of America).

We got out and tried to do some walking… Yeah right it was crowded! But we had fun! Kodi was so excited and would not stop jumping! It was funny. And he ate a huge bowl of Noodles Mac-n-cheese and later a huge piece of pizza and gulped water. But kept signing more.

Anyway, our little friends and kids and I went on the roller coaster. Oh! My Word! Kodi knew something fun was going to happen. We were in line, climbing stairs and waiting! He kept jumping… Good thing he wore his Crocs. So the youngest went with Symone. The oldest little friend went with Colt and I had Kodiak with me.



Kodi wedged himself against me. He was grinning. But he also held on and when we started and the wind was blowing he put his head down. He smiled the whole time. So he liked it. I just wish he could describe it to me.
Some day little buddy! Some day you will tell me about that ride! And we will tell you who sat in front of us and behind us 🙂

He is passed out and in bed. I hope he sleeps well all night long! Good night sleepy heads! Thanks for a good day! Thank you Symone and Colten for being the helpers I know you can be! 🙂
Love you!

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  1. so beautiful is the picture of mom and son
    I love you both

    I have nominated you for an award please check comments or spam

  2. The rollarcoaster was fun. Our little friend that rode with me was a little worried I think. But he had fun. He was so excited. Kodi was really antsy during the wait. I don’t think he understood why we had to wait. He’d be pushing people and dancing around. And the kid would not stop jumping…

    • Oh! Yeah! What did the little guy keep saying to you?

      • I asked him if he was ok after we went around a turn and he hit his head. We were going pretty fast and he looked like he wasn’t to sure about the ride. I asked if he was okay and he’s like, “I’m ok. I’m ok. Don’t worry. I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m ok.” Over and over. Like he was tryna convince himself he was ok and not me…

  3. I’m so glad all of you had a great day, you deserve to get out and have some fun. New memories are a fun thing.

    • Yes well we are trying to get Kodiak to learn things and then give rewarding experiences… Problem is it take money… So we are trying to go the very cheep route…

  4. So glad he liked it. That’s so sweet. He’s having a great, happy childhood! You guys do so much fun stuff!

  5. A rollercoaster?! What a fun adventure! I’m glad he ended up liking it.

    I can’t imagine being in the restaraunt like that and having those whispers (some louder than others) flitting about. I’m not sure I’d be able to hold my tongue.

    And, I know it isn’t quite the same, but you will always have us to chat with you if/when you need to.

    • Yes he loved the roller coaster… I think he likes water slides better. But the ride was a thrill!
      The thing is the couple were not whispering! They were very loud. If they had been whispering I could pretend it wasn’t about us. But I heard each word very loud and clear and that makes me think she actually thought I was deaf too! But actually I felt awkward and wanted to say something. She was like 4 tables away and others were closer and also watching and listening! I should have just spoke up. I just felt very weird!

  6. What an awesome day for all of you. You are truly a great mom.

  7. I love the pictures. I love the way you describe your experience and can’t wait to some day hear his take on it!!!!

    I tagged you in a post about getting to know each other as bloggers – feel free to participate or not – I know you’re crazy busy!!!