We made it through that storm!

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Opps!!! I posted without adding info… iPhone for you. Kodi on Sunday was up and down with emotions and pain. All of our activities were cancelled due to very icy roads. He did got to bed and thankfully the guys that plow came before we all were asleep in our beds. 🙂 If you read a post last week about this you will understand how happy this made me… 🙂

Today I left early to beat the mad rush and bad traffic… It still was crazy and I had emergency vehicles passing me on the side of the road… I was in the left (fast lane here) and they were not in a lane… 🙂 I tried to move but had nowhere to go…

I worked a half day. Made kids supper and did some other important paperwork etc… Then I took a 45 minute nap until my phone began to ring… Colt asked me to pick him up. (Sorry buddy but by the time I would get up to your school you would be half way home!!!)

I fell back to sleep and Symone came charging in the door and scared me to death… I didn’t realize I fell back to sleep…

An hour later Kodi came home. He was dressed in one of Colten’s shirts… (Symone :-)) Anyway his intervenor told me that he has been exploring more and more in the classroom and understanding more signs as well. She told him it was time to eat and he went and got his things. Good job buddy!!!

We see some of this at home as well. He just keeps on progressing. 🙂

Anyway, Symone had a baby sitting job. The boys and I watched some TV and ate popcorn. Kodi started getting agitated and even crying. I tried to have him sit with me and then it happened!

HE HEAD BUTTED ME! Only this time it was my chin and bottom lip. (Which now feels like it 10 time the size it should be… I look like I’m pouting!) my jaw by my ears hurts now too. So I’ve had ice on it all evening. My head hurts as well.

He went to sleep. I carried him up to bed. We all are ready to sleep. But now there were like 4 or 5 fire trucks flying by. I hope they help those in need in time. I worry about what they are running too…

I just hope no more emergencies happen tonight. But it’s a comfort knowing they are so close to where we live.

Goodnight my little ones… (Opps not so little)

These are actually tractors this time!!!


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  1. Okay, this is kind of funny – when I first saw this post late last night (my time) i saw that it was blank – but thought you had done that intentionally – just a “I need to let everyone know we are okay, but I’m too tired to go into it further” kind of post. Fast forward a few hours and I find myself back here and reading what I should have been reading last night!

    Ouch! Head butted… I’ve had it happen a couple times in soccer games. Not fun. Hopefully you are both doing okay too. I live very close to a fire station as well, and at times it can be annoying to have the sirens fly down our street, but, yes, it is a comfort to know they are so close in case we ever need them.

    • So you were one of those that almost instantly liked my post when I made a huge mistake… Good to know its ok to make mistakes… I will not be offended if you choose to “unlike” after reading my post!! 🙂

      • No, no, was still definitely “likeable.”

        • Thanks for liking and sharing your experience…. Now I’ll share this side… My iPhone battery was dead. It was plugged in and my two older kids came and gave me a hug good night. When I still was holding my phone and hugged them back the cord was too short and ripped my phone from my hands. My thumb must have hit post and before I even picked up my phone it was chirping that 3 or 4 people liked my post.. I said “What? Wow that’s fast they already know what I’m about to say…” Kids laughed!

          • Super funny! As I said, I just assumed you had done it on purpose – and it made sense to me, and I was glad you had made it through the storm – so it deserved a “like” in my book.

            Haven’t quite done anything like that yet, but I’m sure I will eventually. I am always, however, hitting the reply button before I review what I’ve typed up only to see typos and misspellings and misplaced words, all to my horror, right after it is too late to do anything about them. Then I go through the mental juggle – should I leave it, should I reply to my own reply…

          • Yep! Been there! Done that! Check!