Ever feel like your being watched?

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This is how I found my little sleep-walker this morning! I think he just moves in his sleep, kicks the blankets off and then he gets cold and wakes up. Or he walks out of his bed and makes a huge mess of things and then just crashes! And because he is DeafBlind he does have balance issues so he might not really know how to get back into bed. Either way… It’s becoming a hide and seek adventure trying to find my kid in the morning. But HE SLEPT!


As I stood there watching him he reached up and grabbed my leg. Now, he was snoring away, totally out and NOT playing possum… (I know how to tell these days… After all its been 10 1/2 years of this) once he felt I was there he stopped moving again. So he felt me standing there staring and he just sensed I was there!!!!

Ok the reason I mentioned this… There have been times when I’m totally asleep very soundly and I suddenly wake up to a kid just standing there watching me sleeping, wondering if they dare wake me up because they are scared or feel sick, or can’t sleep. They don’t say anything or even move they JUST stare…

Yes mom and dad I know right now you are thinking “payback time!” I know my brother and I did this to you as well… And how mom would scream because she would wake up and realize a kid was staring at her just 2 inches from her face!!!

But this is another example….



And then a silent photo… Someone watching and no flash…



Yep! You guessed it NOW I’m awake! Ok now the winner gets to carry the 50 pound lug of a bug up to his bed… Thanks so much Colt. Now I can breathe… And now my neck hurts again. Shoot!!!

“Kodiak! Kodiak please go to sleep tonight”
“Ok, Mommy! I’ll lie on the edge of my bed and soon drop off” 🙂

Please feel free to share your favorite sleep walking or sleep talking or lack of sleep jokes!!! 🙂

(I won’t approve any non-human stories)


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  1. Hehe. Sorry mom… But it is quite funny to see your parents(or grandparents) reaction to them waking up with a face inches from theirs… I feel bad but I always start laughing… Especially poor little nana. Her scream is so funny though… 🙂

    • And I can hear Nana say “BADNESS!!!”

      • 🙂 yep. And then Papa wakes up and asks if everyone’s ok because he heard nana screaming… I wake up papa now… It’s quieter then waking up you or nana… 🙂 colt though, when you woke him up he used to just yell, “WHAT?!?!” And roll over and go back to sleep without listening to your problem…

      • Well what can I say you wake me up when my brain won’t work. But ya I wake up papa to.

      • Waking up papa is not as loud.

  2. Andrea Osorio

    It really does run in thefamily. It is pretty scary when they Stare at you. You finally wake up to find them all glossy eyes, it really makes your heart jump, don’t you love it :-). Especially when you just get into a good deep sleep. Allegra is the,worst she love to walk around the house turning on and off the lights in the house laughing. I will be thinking of you when I check on my girls tonight.

    • THAT HAS TO BE IT! Wow we have a strange family!!! 🙂
      Sure loved the photos of them. Turning on and off lights? That was what Kodi used to do to all of us. Now that he can’t see at all? He’s forgotten all about light switches…
      I guess that is a plus!

      • Mom you can’t forget turning the the tv on and on the static channel and then turning the volume all the way up.

  3. Ooooh, having kids stand over you staring…..I hate that!!! I too have woken up like that before. Just about died of a heart attack. I love that he sensed you and reached out to touch your leg. So sweet:)

  4. Such a lovely love bug photo!
    I have woken up to a child standing over me. 🙂

  5. aw lovely photos. Yes I’ve woken up with a child staring at me…..
    As for the sleep walking I used to do that a lot, when I was about ten I walked into the shower turned it on and stood there, I was still asleep. My mum found me and put me back to bed, I wondered why my hair was wet when I woke up in the morning.

  6. Our kids usually stand in the doorway first, long enough that that’s where they still are when I wake up. But then, they’re not terribly stealthy. Cute pic!