I vented, but it didn’t work!

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This photo I took this winter after we got snow. I just randomly took a photo as I was turning a corner and I never looked at my phone or what would be in the shot. My eyes were on the road. I thought it was kind of a fun photo in a weird sort of way.

Part of it is in focus. Well almost.

Oh! Yeah! My post! Well last night we were all peacefully asleep except I kept waking up every time I moved my neck and back… (Hurts right between shoulder blades and neck another long boring story)

Kodi got up at 2:30 am and took off PJ’s and pull up. Ok! Now this is getting VERY old. Now he was in nothing but is birthday suit and giggling and laughing and throwing large heavy things in the boys room!

I moved quite slowly! You see I can’t really move fast when I’m so groggy. Kodi has this thing now. He wakes up. He undresses. He wants jeans (only jeans) on and a shirt and socks. He will not even put on sweat pants. It has to be jeans. Just like when he comes home from school he strips and wants PJ’s on… It’s a “wake up so get dressed, and I’m home so put on PJ’s” kind of like he’s anticipating what comes next… Well kind of early!!! But that’s DeafBlind for you… How else does he tell time!

Anyway, I put on a new pull up, I found his PJ’s in all the mess he made. I put on his shirt…. (He thought it was a new one) then when he felt the PJ bottoms he kicked and kicked and refused to let me put them on. He became a zebra kicking, head-butting billy-goat, with his hand shoved down his throat and gagging himself like a turkey vulture. Needless to say… Something popped in my neck. But it wasn’t worse… Actually, maybe a slight adjustment for the better.

Well, that took 10 minutes and I finally got the PJ’s back on and put him back in his bed. He was giggling the whole time. When I stood up I forgot the top bunk was there and hit my head. So I reached up and asked Colt to crawl down and lay there and keep him in bed. He did willingly.


He was wild all day. And the sweetest thing happened when I came home. He held my hands and hugged me around my neck and giggled so much. He was so excited like a little kid in an ice cream shop. He could not decide if he should climb up me like a tree, dance around me or hug me.

Now this brings REAL TEARS of JOY! My little man actually misses me and loves to have me home. Thank you little man! I really love you.

Anyway… The kids kept him from me as I was lying on the floor on ice. But he would come over to me and touch me like he knew I was hurting. Before that he just wanted to be at the table!

Now my little sweetheart is in his bed. Curled into a tiny ball and fast asleep. I took the photo and then realized something…



His hand has grown. It dawned on me he is getting skinny again… He must be growing again!


I really hope tonight he sleeps!!! So do the other two!!!

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  1. Mom if he wakes up can u or Symone watch him

  2. That winter shot is good for not looking at the camera.