Mini Vacation on a budget!!! LIFT OFF!

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Well my kids look forward to this every year! It’s something Kodiak used to really love when he was still able to see even though he was legally blind… He was up close and personal with HUGE BRIGHT COLORS!!!! AND THEY MOVED!!! What is that?
The Hudson Hot Air Affair.

However, conditions are not always right for flying! So my two older ones set their alarms because they were so eager to see them this year as the past few we did not get to due to weather. It has been a disappointment at times and last year was a go but it was just way too muddy!!! You can’t have snow, rain or fog or zero wind! You also can’t be above 8 mph wind speed. It was about 6 mph today, going to be sunny and it was a go!!! The kids woke me up and said “PAAALEEEEEEEZE! Can we go?”

It's Dark, below zero, and very early in the am... He didn't have any idea where he was... snored right on through it... :-)
It’s Dark, below zero, and very early in the am… He didn’t have any idea where he was… snored right on through it… 🙂

They even got Kodiak ready and snugly with warm clothes, warmed his corn bags, his drink and breakfast and meds, and got cameras and iPhones.

I had to drive to go get gas and they even put it in…

I HAD to get coffee so we stopped at Caribou coffee to fuel up on caffeine.

At 6:30 am we were sitting in our prime parking spot. We were there when the first balloon showed up (check out the hot affair’s blog of the first van arriving) and gradually more arrived and started unpacking…

One of the first and one of the coolest!!
One of the first and one of the coolest!!

It was past 7:30 am when the first balloon lifted off.

The kids were in and out of the truck taking photos…

What a view!
What a view!

Kodi slept.

I rested and sipped on my coffee until the fun began…

It got crazy with activity.

It was not even 1 degree F outside and it was FROSTY.

Kids walking among the colors! Nice photo COLT
Kids walking among the colors! Nice photo COLT

The conversations roamed from…

“Sorry little buddy.. Wish you could see your favorite balloons!”


“Hi My name is Chubby. My mama’s chubby, my daddy’s chubby, even my guppy is chubby…” Why that conversation???? (check out Gus T. Guppy)

This balloon:

Our favorite one!!! Gus T. Guppy (say it really fast!!! get it?) :-)
Our favorite one!!! Gus T. Guppy (say it really fast!!! get it?) 🙂

Meet Chubby the Guppy! Sooooo cute!!!
This year we didn’t see Garfield.


or the Sinclair dinosaur. There was also a yellow duck… I can’t remember what that one was called.

Of course they range from stores, banks, to just fun type balloons. But the colors are amazing and so much fun to watch people run around like busy little ants and looking so tiny once the balloon fills with hot air…

lifting off
lifting off

Hey for those that have never seen this in action…

They drive out on the field in the dark. Line up. Unload the basket, balloon and everything else. Roll out the balloon and tip the basket on the side… They use fans to blow the hot air into the balloon and make sure everything is all right as it expands.. then the balloon lifts off the ground and moves the basket and tips it upright and people climb in and they are ready for take off… Good byes are said and up they go… (Very simple description by the way…) But so much fun to watch!

We stayed until the last one took off!!!

One by one Up Up and Away!!
One by one Up Up and Away!!
The sun really makes them light up!
The sun really makes them light up!
So pretty!
Bye Bye Gus T. Guppy
the underbelly
The last ones almost ready

The last one took off around 8:30 ish (am).

The kids suddenly said “please can we follow them?”

What a show….

Some of the amazing views we got…

Some photos are taken by Colt, some are taken by Symone and some are taken by me…

All views we wish Kodiak would have been able to see… None of these photos were zoomed in…

We didn’t have to zoom in… We were really this close up


If you ever get the chance to watch this…

It is exciting to watch the whole thing.

One left after this lift off
One left after this lift off

But if you want the best seats in the house… well best parking spot you’d better get there early and be ready to wait.


Landings are not always pretty…

They can be hazardous to houses, animals and drivers…

Special shapes

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  1. I know I’m repeating my but it’s true…Now that’s what a family is all about ! AWESOME ! Do it again, and again, and again, and again… Some memories are just as good as when the memory was made, and this is one of those ! …on a budget… Well, everyone sure got a lot of bang for the buck on this one. Man, I would have loved to been there and seen this event. God Bless your and your family !

  2. I had to bend backwards to get the underbelly shot. Thanks for posting it mom!

  3. I looked at your pictures on all of these vacation posts. Looks like so much fun. I wish this were near us; we would go too! The pop-outs on that one balloon are too cool. I’ve never seen one like that. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes somewhere on my blog I put a link for specialty balloons… Garfield has usually been here and a duck… Also the very first year I saw the balloons was right after we moved here in February 1998. It was foggy and I took my then husband to work and was driving back and saw a grand piano flying across the interstate and then a Dino… I thought I was seeing things. But I was hooked every since and my oldest was born a few months later and she’s always loved that excitement!

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