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What will the doctor tell us today? At 5:45 we got the call school is 2 hours delayed… kids decided to come with. I’m glad they did… huge helpers!!!
We left the house in an ice storm at about 6:30 am. Grabbed Panera and Caribou coffee and got to Dr.s office at about 7:25. Here we are sitting in a room waiting (not very long at all) and Kodi was agitated.
Is it because he knows where he is? Is the weather affecting him again?



Dr. Q. (We LOVE her) told us she would send info to another national group for Kids like Kodi. She see’s other kids with CHARGE Syndrome. His eyes look stable and not red… Quiet… So not shrinking (as I have learned in the past). He really fought to keep her out of his eyes but she is very quick!!! πŸ™‚ We got refills for his eye drops and ointment and made another appointment and headed out.

It was scary getting here… I drove out of the garage and slid right down the drive way! Hmm! I thought. Wonder if we should still go? LOVE SNOW! HATE ICE! I need to! Just drive slow! We were still at dr’s office when we got the call that school was now called off… So we will slowly head home and I then will head to work… SLOWLY!!! Kids are so happy “YEAH NO SCHOOL AGAIN!!!” I love living in the North country!!!

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  1. Andrea Osorio

    Glad you are safe and sound

  2. Kodi was very happy in the car until we got to the doctors… While were there, he would not sit still and was walking aroung the room. Then colt held him while we took the picture. he is a sweet little boy. I love him so much.

  3. I’m glad to hear things are going well with Kodis eyes. We were called off too. Ended up out at Afton with my oldest girl (10) for the afternoon.

    I parked at my friends house next to their garage. When we returned 6 hours later our truck had slid down the driveway about 10 feet!!!! Parking brake and all!!!!

    • Good grief! I had co-workers and patients tell me the same today… Hope it didn’t hit anything!! Scary!

      Aw! Wish I was off work… Although Afton Had to be icy!!!!

      Hope u sleep!

      • Roads to Afton were total fine from Hudson – we didn’t leave until 11 am waiting for the trucks to go through our area – off a county road. We boarded until about 5 and by then the snow was getting extra slick and parts of the hills were icy! I have pictures and plan to blog about the truck! I was baffled…completely baffled! I slept via margarita! Only one…but I’m a light weight with alcohol.

  4. I am exhausted for you! Does he sense vibration like heavy base house music? My son makes electronic. I wonder if he could feel it? https://soundcloud.com/ksmash

    • He does feel vibrations… Also he on some level hears mens’s deep voiced when they are loud in his ear… So in my lowest voice possible I tell him “mama loves you Kodiak!” He smiles either because it tickles or because he feels it or hears something but not enough to hear conversation because its a mixed hearing loss… Hearing aids only cause him frustration and then a low loud noise would make him cry. So he refuses to wear them. They can’t seem to find a level that he could hear higher tones and yet not cry and jump with the lower tones. And the squealing all the time made him cry as well…. My daughter puts her ear buds in and listens to music with him. Also she will call me and he listens with ear buds in… He giggles when I say “Kodiak mama loves you” πŸ™‚

  5. He got so mad he spun around and around. When we got home he took his cane and was useing it. It was funny.

  6. Oh the ice is so creepy! Glad you safely navigated back and forth to the doctor’s office. Glad to hear that Kodi’s eyes are stable. Hmm… Hooray for no school! …? It doesn’t seem right that the kids get to stay home but the adults still have to go to work. Grumble, grumble…

    • I hear you there!!! I told kids enjoy and don’t hate school! At least they close school!! πŸ™‚ I came home to happy kids, a cleaner house (Symone cleaned and Colt Kodi watched) I have the best kids ever!!!