I wonder what people really think!

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Thursday was a blur… Went to school (Symone and Colt) or work. Kodiak was home here… I guess he gave his PCA a hard time as well as his Intervenor and another friend. Symone had a short day (finals) and she told me he was bad. I had a very busy day at work and by the time I got home he was quite funny, calm and sweet. I talked with everyone and it seems he calmed down. Symone was having him walk up and down the stairs to burn off his energy… I didn’t see him acting wild. I feel so bad for others when he gets out of control. 🙁

At the table with his sister... maybe he feels bad?
At the table with his sister… maybe he feels bad?

Friday the kids did not have school. I had to be to work early. They were in control of him all day. Symone my little busy bee… made the boys breakfast… Not just cereal but eggs, bacon etc. Then she cleaned the house. her voice was getting better too. I was very happy to see that because I got home quite late. I decided they all needed to get out of the house though… so I took them out to get something to eat.

He was all over the place giggling... on the floor, under the table, etc
He was all over the place giggling… on the floor, under the table, etc
Whatever it was... he was very happy!
Whatever it was… he was very happy!

Kodiak was acting so excited about this that he was out of control. We get a booth as that works the best. One dad behind us told his little boy who was standing on the bench of their booth “Sit down please.” and the little sweetheart said “but I want to see…” and the dad, well-meaning and all, said “It’s not polite to stare. Sit down.” I felt bad because Kodi was acting goofy and kicking his feet and being loud and laughing so much the little guy only wanted to see what all the ruckus was all about. I looked at him and just winked and said “It’s ok. He is just excited to know he is getting food soon.” The little boy just smiled. But then when he saw what Kodiak was wearing… Well it’s only natural for such a little person to wonder why. I wish the dad would have asked. That little boy would have learned that not everyone in the world can see and hear. And it was nice of the dad to tell him not to stare… but then parents need to take it a little further and tell them to just ask if they can say “hello” or just learn about what a kid like Kodi is dealing with. Anyway… we got home and life was grand for us. Kodi went to bed and then so did we.

Saturday we all got up and off to begin our usual Saturday. At noon we went to the library and then to refuel our gas tank and our stomachs. Then we had to go get some office supplies for home. Kodi wandered around in Target and giggled. I went to Hom Furniture store to pick up something for my couch. I ended up talking to 3 lovely people who worked there. They asked me how I liked the couch. I told them how Kodi picked out the couch… . Then we got on the conversation about him being DeafBlind. One sweetheart actually said “Aw! I wished you had brought your kids with. I’ve always wanted to meet someone like that.” I told her to come out in the car to meet him. So she actually did. I gave her this site address. So I wanted to mention her here. It’s not every day that people have this attitude. I’m sure she felt awkward. But Kodi was like he is with most people… “Hey who is this?” and he began crawling over Symone and actually got out of the Expedition. He had to meet her in his own way too. No need to feel awkward dear. Kodi was happy to meet her and could tell she was a kind soul. My other kids thought that was very kind and sweet of her as well. Kodiak is a kid that draws people to him. It’s just that when people hear DeafBlind and the impact of what that means hits them, well you can see them physically be almost hit by a blow. We have come to accept this is our way of life for Kodi and for us too. But it makes me wonder what people really think when they hear it? I know how I felt when I heard it when he was born…. and then think it every day of his life since. But I don’t get to experience it from a strangers view. So I wonder this morning, as my two older ones after a late night last night are both still sawing logs, snoring and sleeping sound… What makes people react in so many different ways.

Last year we had to move so we were in that store helping to find a new chair for my grandma…

He tried to slam his head. Symone was laughing because when he could not he did this and smiled.
He tried to slam his head. Symone was laughing because when he could not he did this and smiled.

Kodi sat on the display couch and tried to slam his head on the arm of the couch.

It was so padded that he just put his head down and curled up on the couch.

Realized his Crocs were still on and then kicked them off and curled up again.

How could a mom resist any longer. And it was an awesome sale...
How could a mom resist any longer. And it was an awesome sale…

When a sales rep came over? I said my son decided what one we wanted… He could not get hurt on the couch. 🙂 he commented it was probably the only sale he’s made with the kid deciding. But since Kodi spends time on the couch… we want to make sure he likes it.

It’s been an awesome thing because it’s so easy to clean.

Thanks to all the help from family. 🙂


This reminds me of our move and everything too…

We had so many friends and family helping… THANK YOU!


We have freezing rain and snow moving in on us… I’m waiting for Kodi to have a bad day. But so far he’s just being a blanket head and acting ok.





He was right here next to me but now just got up.

I don't get what is o fascinating with the placemats
I don’t get what is so fascinating with the placements

He likes the table now and playing with the place mats…

He puts his arm between two of them like a sandwich??
He puts his arm between two of them like a sandwich??







I need to play a game with him now…My little CHARGER needs some attention… Love you all and hope you have a Grand day in whatever activity you do…

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  1. Kodi is so funny with the place mats! I do wonder what’s so fascinating about them… He is constantly at the table with his arm sandwiched between the placemats. 🙂