Another day in this cold snap!

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The day started out like most other days… except today Nana and Papa were leaving again. I got up and told Colt he’d better get going. He said he put Kodi back into bed because he got up and found him on the floor in a curled up little ball!!!

Symone slept in a bit… finals this week so she didn’t need to go as early… Nana and Papa gave me a hug and I left… Colt ran out the door and got on his bus. There was snow that was just enough to make roads slick… but mostly a dusting.  It took me almost an hour to get 20 minutes away.  I ditched (poor choice of words) the interstate and took back roads because the interstate was at a total stop… Whew! I made it there to clinic before patients arrived…

Papa took Symone to school to take 3 exams today… poor kid texted me that she felt awful.  Her voice is gone and chest feels really tight!

Nana and Papa got Kodi on the bus. I just had a 1/2 day today. But I had a ton of errands to run… paperwork mailed off to get Kodi his communication adaptive device for home and then for school as well.  Taxes 🙂 (first time I was ever mostly done this early) Then photo books of kids that I have been trying to mail to kids Dad.  And of course the never-ending bills 🙂

Just in time to get Kodi at school.  So began my hour of driving to 3 schools to pick up kids… Kodi @ 2:16 pm at one school (3rd grade). I talked to his Intervenor Kim a little bit. Kodi was a little upset about not having the school bus harness on. So he didn’t understand I was picking him up instead of the bus… But 3 cheers! He carries his back pack now!!! He was walking towards me with his cane and looked so sweet! Then we headed on up to the middle school to get Colt. The traffic was horrid so took forever.  I guess all the kids were getting picked up today because of the cold windchill! I ended up calling him… He was already on the bus and got off and ran across the street because of the long line.  Then I headed on down to the high school to get Symone. Traffic was horrible down there as well. now it was 3:00 pm and we were off to the dentist…

Happy to have teeth cleaning done!
Happy to have teeth cleaning done!
He has to sit on mom's lap... I have to hold him still
He has to sit on mom’s lap… I have to hold him still

Dr. Rick as he is called by the kids. I love their office. The are catered to kids and in my eyes he is the best dentist.

Kodi made himself at home while I was holding him he took off each boot and threw it… then he started on the socks… I did stop that one….

There was not way that Nana would have been able to hold him today.  He would have tossed her on the floor too.

Little giggle monster!!!
Little giggle monster!!!

Kodi had a few years ago had to be put out at children’s hospital to get 8 stainless steel crowns in his teeth that he was grinding down.  Well those baby teeth are falling out… and new shiny white ones are coming in.  Only one crown left now… and only 5 baby teeth left all together and some are very wiggly!!! 🙂

I just want to give Dr. Rick B. a special thank you for all the help he gives us and how kind he is with all of us… I think Kodi has actually bit him before… 🙁  Also, everyone there is so sweet and puts up with my wild child.  Not everyone is understanding!!!

Colt needs to get braces…

and well so does Symone

and probably some day Kodiak… 🙂 Hmmm! I wonder if that would even be possible with this kid… he might actually swallow the bands… 🙁

Anyway, Colten and Kodiak have been going up and down the stairs…

Hitching a ride
Hitching a ride

trying to wear Kodiak out… 🙂

Well looks like Kodi is just hitching a ride is all…

Silly boys
Silly boys

At least he loves the ride…

but Colt I don’t think it’s really wearing him out…


Colt might sleep well but probably  not Kodi…

Kodi also has been having fun with light chaser again tonight…

but puts it on his teeth…

AW! He remembers how to turn them on!!!
AW! He remembers how to turn them on!!!

the light he can’t see anymore… Poor baby!

Ugh! How can he stand this!
Ugh! How can he stand this!

Kids are hoping they call off school again tomorrow…

supposed to get even colder tonight! Also a very cold windchill…

right now it’s -1 with windchill of -19 and going to drop all night!!!

It is supposed to get to -16 or -18 by 6 am… windchill is also going to drop much lower… like -26 to -30 or lower…

Kodi will be home, Symone has a short day and Colt rides a bus… I work a long day tomorrow… so we will all be busy come 6:00 am tomorrow with our routines… Now I’m going to spend time with kids… Nana and Papa got home safe. (I’m sure they will go to bed very early!!! our crazy life seems to exhaust them a lot these days!!!)

Anyway! Time to have fun with kids and turn in and get warm and snuggly in own little beds… Hopefully Kodi will stay in his all night! And covered up!!! I think we will do the double PJ’s tonight!!! 🙂

Good night all! Hope everyone out there stays warm!!!

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  1. Wow that’s cold. The kids sound wonderful….I don’t know how to manage having such a busy day.

  2. Thank you. I don’t see instructions. But the thought is very sweet. Thanks so much.