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I had to leave early to go to work… As I drove to work my window kept frosting up on the inside… So it was a slow travel to work as I had to keep using a check card to scrape my windshield in order to see.  Burrrr!

Before I left though I found my little grizzly again in a weird place… the opposite end of his bed and head where feet usually are and he had thrown his pillow and blankets on the floor again.  He was curled up like a little grizzly hibernating for the winter with his knees clear up to his nose and his hands tucked under his body. I put his comforter back on him… Yet when Nana went in there later he had taken all his clothes off except his pull-up again.  Kodi!

Kodi was dead set on slamming his knee to his right cheek bone all day long. I don’t know but now it’s bruised and a big goose egg on his cheek. Nana and Papa and Symone and Colt went to see GG Dorothy.  They left Kodi here to play with his PCA and Intervenor… although from the sounds of it he wasn’t in the nicest mood. Hmmm!

Poor Symone is really sick now… Just hope to keep Kodi away from it. Both Symone and Nana were hoarse. Papa ran around with Kodi and Kodi thought it was very funny! Then Colt and I ran off to spend a little time with friends at a meeting. However, we came home early since we had sickies here and a very weak tired little Nana.

I finally got Kodi to sleep… at first he played possum… He even “fake” snores.  Then when you just think you can take him to bed he jumps up and giggles… he then started head butting me… Like a mama grizzly I gave him a swat on the back side and he sat down and cuddled with me and then went to sleep for real. I had to carry that lug of 50 pounds upstairs to bed. He was so cute when I put him there and covered him up.

Good night my little bug! Mama loves you!


PS: I forgot…

Colt took these photos…

really close to where we live right on the edge of town…

He said there were about 6 or 7 out there but running around so much!!!
He said there were about 6 or 7 out there but running around so much!!!

coyotes!!! eating deer!!!

It’s so cold out…

and boy they are very


You can see the edge of our neighborhood.....
You can see the edge of our neighborhood…..

I’d rather they were wolves though!!! Love wolves!