Another weekend!

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Saturday morning Kodi was mostly happy. He ate a good breakfast… We did our Saturday am routine and then came home in early afternoon and did some studying… Kodi wanted to be apart of the family so he sat at the table with us and ate cookies and giggled. All the time wearing his elephant and grizzly on his eyes and neck. What a little critter he has become. Colt was in charge while Symone and I ran to get her supper and then pick up a few things at the store. Colt and Kodi were in the basement and Kodi was being so silly. I dropped off Symone to watch our neighbors kids for awhile and Colt and Kodi and I had some together time watching movies and eating popcorn. Kodi was a happy little thing most of the day but a couple of times he actually cried…

Nice Sunny Sunday morning!
Nice Sunny Sunday morning!

Sunday am the boy woke up Colt and was completely stripped to his pull-up…. Burrrr!!! He was giggling and so silly and goofy! Poor Colt we ended up having Symone take him. Colt went back to sleep awhile and I tried to. Kodi was not having any of it. He was having so much fun torturing his big sister. We all ended up getting up and he got fed, dressed and I was trying to gulp down coffee to wake up… It was all I could do to just keep sipping…

He found me and was so happy!!!
He found me and was so happy!!!

Kodi found me and crawled into my lap. I began singing kid songs to him…. On top or old smokey, spaghetti

and another version I know… Then moved on to “the bear went over the mountain” a silly version I know with hand gestures…

He would not stop giggling… Then another version I know if the “ants go marching” along with “ABC’s” all of which mad him giggle so hard he was holding his breath.

I ran out of songs so I switched to some old logging songs…

Now all 3 kids were laughing.

I played some of the tunes to him on my iPhone and he jumped up and became a “grizzly – elephant – blanket head” and was spinning around the living room and giggling.

Oh! those giggles are worth everything!!! He gets so happy!
Oh! those giggles are worth everything!!! He gets so happy!

I will have to do a short video some day of these giggles… he is so funny and we all end up giggling with him…

He loves life!

We love him!

The photos of Kodi and I are courtesy of Colt the man himself. He was also taking video but I didn’t want to put my singing on their…

This would have to be a blind paid event for that to happen… 🙂

But since Kodi can see or hear it’s easy to sing to him when it’s mostly vibration he is picking up on… He doesn’t know a bad note ever… but there are times he’s singing the same note over and over like “Johnny one note” as my mom says…

And I think he feels the drums in the car when the radio is blasting… He at least giggles with that one… 🙂

I love you buddy!!!
I love you buddy!!!

I was exhausted. But now the coffee and fresh oxygen from all the singing gave me enough energy to get ready to go meet with friends at 1:00 PM. We got home about 3:15 pm and got noodles for supper and a text from Nana and Papa that they were not to far away. 🙂 yeah!!!!

Kodi was giggling and wildly eating his Mac and cheese from noodles when they walked in.

We had some good ol fashioned fun telling stories and eating popcorn… Kodi got his bath. He did not bang his head even once on the tub… He was trying new things… Like being on his hands and knees and the. Submerging his face into the water. When he came up he had bubbled on his nose and chin. And lotion after his bath he was so eager for it… This winter is so dry I know it must feel so good to him. He was so silly getting his PJ’s on.
He got his meds, snack and a drink that he guzzled. He did Mr. Blanket head and twirled around a few times and walked around with his hands out trying to feel his way…. Then a little while later he curled up in my lap and went fast asleep.

We all were so tired… We actually got to bed at a decent time.