Travel and Sleep Grizzly

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Yeah! I’m so excited!!! Ok. So I decided after work to take my kids to the BIG Super Target… Kodi and I walked every isle. Symone lost an earring so she went looking… Colt went to play a foot ball game… 🙂

When Symone joined me we went up and down the toy isles. First I let Kodi touch a Tonka truck… His hands were all over it moving the parts that move. When finished he shoved it back. We played this game…

LEGO Luggage Tag
LEGO luggage tag… what a cool idea…

Then we found a name tag by LEGO company that has the large LEGO feel.

He laughed. So I thought that would be cool to add to his back pack for school… Texture etc…

Then we found a drum… he giggled but shoved it back too. Then other funny texture things.

We found little animals with holes and laces to string around them… cool he would like to do that…

Then we found other little things – all were rejected.

Sock Monkey
Sock Monkey… He loves these for some reason!

Along came the stuffed animals…

He felt the sock monkeys and immediately hugged them.

So we grabbed them up…

Then we saw the thing that we didn’t know we were looking for exactly but knew instantly he would love it.


It is a little grizzly bear that goes around his neck.

He was doing a little dance.

He wanted to keep it on.  But of course we had to pay for it…

We got into the truck and he started slamming his head…

neck grizzly
neck grizzly

Symone put his grizzly around his neck and he would not stop giggling…

So he again is a grizzly elephant… 🙂

We got home and he would not take it off.  Did not want it off to even get PJ’s on…

He got a smile when he first was put in the chair.
He got a smile when he first was put in the chair.

But finally we did get his PJ’S on and Colt put him in the chair and put a blanket on him and at 8:40 pm he was out. 5 minutes after Colt put him there he was snoring… Whoa!


So little by little we are learning about this kid.. Certain things he likes… He goes to the table because I have these leather looking place mats.  He puts them over his arms… So I think he goes there for this reason… Looking for the mats… but in the process knocks everything else off if it’s on the table… until he finds a place mat. Hmmm! Go find him another place mat he can have for himself just to play with?

Ok. I’m very pleased. I’m ready for bed… I’m so happy he went to sleep without crying… 1st time this week it’s been this easy. Good night!


PS: I just want everyone to please read about this DeafBlind lovely person and her experience at the aquarium. Hope you enjoy reading her experience… It’s like she can voice what maybe Kodiak would think…:-)

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  1. Judith Green

    Hi Heather, I was just checking Dr.Jan VanDijk’s web site and see that he has a parent support group. I remember that you actually know him! has been really helpful to me, especially after the workshop that he gave in WI. Judy

  2. Thanks for the Link Love. I am glad you enjoyed my article about my visit to the aquarium. I love your site and your Kodiak is adorable. I am spreading the love about your site, too.