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DEFINITION: NOUN – A very large mammal with thick skin, IE: elephant, rhinoceros or hippopotamus

OH! Does this word ever bring back memories…. My cute little Symone used to love to say “Pachyderm” she would see an elephant and shout “Mommadada, mommadada look pachyderm!”  Maybe she got this because elephants are majestic and one of my mom’s favorite animals… Or maybe it was from the Gymboree movie she wanted to watch over and over about the Zoo.  Or maybe she picked it up somewhere on a nature show or at the zoo.  Regardless it was a word that she loved to say. She also yelled at the Canadian geese as they flew by our windows “Bye Bye Geese” she also did not call us mama and dada it was “mommadada” like we were one word… well not anymore… but that’s another story for another day and time…

Colt’s words were “Blah” as he’d hang his tongue out with his mouth wide open. And his very first word was “clock” as he accurately pointed to the clock on the wall.  Seriously? THAT had to be his first word? And his first 3 syllable word was “Applebees” Because we were driving by and he loved the sign and said “What is that?” and I said “Applebees” and he never stopped saying it until he fell asleep. OH! WELL!!!

What is the point of this word? Read on…

This week we have been busy. Kodi the usual school today. Yesterday he was home with his interveners and PCA’s.  I have some photos from school… will share in a future post… But this evening when I came home he was sweet and giggled again when I signed “Momma’s home”. He was awake early this am and giggling. I said goodbye to him before I left and he was so cute with that high-pitched squealing giggle… I love him so much. I think the Melatonin that I got to replace the other makes him really fight the last little ounce of energy he has left… He cries… he gets aggressive and just really resists falling asleep. Poor baby…

Well the latest in the sleep masks have arrived.  Our very dear friend found me at work today and handed me a bag. When I opened it I had to laugh! It is just soo cute!!! So I got home and his PCA and I were trying to get a photo… Well we finally did… then later Colt and I got another… Tell me what you think of this one?

elephant dance swaying from side to side... :-)
elephant dance swaying from side to side… 🙂
cute elephant
cute elephant
sad elephant
sad elephant

So now you can understand why I wrote Pachyderm?  Except for the large part because he’s rather small for a 10 1/2 year old and the thick skin… he does wear a blanket over his head and sways from side to side and resembles and elephant… Oh! and some of the noises he makes as well… So how very fitting this Sleep Mask is… my DeafBlind Grizzly is also an elephant! Well sort of. Oh! And he makes noises like a rattle snake, a buck in rut, motor boat etc… My dad wants to market some of his calls that he has recorded and sell them.

My only concern… If he sleep walks and I sleep walk… I might just totally freak out… Or maybe I will dream big and will be terrified of the animals chasing me all wearing sleep masks… I discuss sleep talking and walking in another post…


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