News! Why I don’t like to watch or read

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Parents don’t read to your kids please!

ABC news right off the bat… Headline tonight…
“Deaf twins going blind euthanized”

Do you see my problem… 45 year old men? In Belgium…. Their parents and brother all said goodbyes? Lethal injection to end suffering? I’m so heartbroken. I’m speechless! I would never allow my child to do this… Because they were losing vision? I can’t tell you how unsettling this is to me!

I’m so sorry but I know for a fact that being DeafBlind… well put quite simply it is not impossible to be happy. I can’t imagine someone even proposing that to my son. How did they know it existed! Why would ANYONE agree to do such a stupid thing?

Sorry! But this is so disturbing to me. I hope you can see or as in the word “see” understand my frustration, shock, sorrow, and unsettled feeling. I have been shaken to my very core. I can’t imagine such horror.

I know God does not approve of taking anyone’s life. He doesn’t want us to suffer but he will very soon according to His Timetable when the issue has been settled once and for all time, will act out against all unjust things. I’m sorry if it bothers you that I posted this. I just wanted to point out what is so demented with this world under God’s enemy who is ruling it… And how wrong it is man is ruling over man.
I can’t wait for God’s kingdom to step in. Revelation 21:4. Psalms 37:10,11. Isaiah 35:3-7… The meek will inherit the earth forever in perfection….

This piece of news I didn’t need to read, hear or watch! My son has less than those two did. WHY? Why anyone could think this is OK! It’s beyond me.

Yes it horrible what life is like at times… But not to this point. Use your vision you have left and learn… Live and love life even while DeafBlind. It’s possible unless people didn’t want to be bothered by them? Sorry I will go to my corner and be good and be quiet now.

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  1. I hear you. It makes me angry. It’s horrible.

  2. No need for you to be good and quiet, I think you are in a good spot to offer an educated opinion on this.

  3. Completely agree with Photography Journal Blog, don’t go to your corner, don’t be good, don’t be quiet – now is the time to stand up and be heard and use your knowledge, insight, and understanding to help others see that there is always hope, there is always something good to stick around for.

  4. Hello!
    I just discovered your blog, referred by a friend. The news of the Belgian twins was very upsetting. I hope you know now that the media did not report all the information, they were in fact suffering from other degenerative conditions (spine and heart problems). The media were very irresponsible in making it seem like they wanted to die just because they were going blind.