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So my Dear Colten… I don’t know what it is about you but you tend to be the one that brings the sickies home with you… You had bad sore throat and cough and croup… I got email that Kodiak was exposed to influenza at school… But we all got the vaccination for that… so if he gets it maybe only mild? However, people are dying of it even when vaccinated… Hmmm!

Anyway, I felt just really tired on Friday… But woke up Saturday feeling chilled and headache and scratchy throat… we usually are 96.8 or 98.1 for temps and fevers tend to be around 99 and above around here… well that’s what I had 99.9 and felt achy and exhausted… Like I was coming down with something but not really all out sick… Well Kodi was whiny and it was also weird weather… no temp with him. Then this morning Symone and I both had really scratchy sore throats and I kept coughing and my voice was deep… and I was having coughing fits. Well Kodi was really poking at his neck and throat… Tells me it must hurt because he really digs and pokes at things/places that hurt. Poor baby… However, since Colt has been sick we have been all drinking Airborne and Emergen C and taking probiotic…. so we don’t feel all out sick… hopefully we will only start to feel better…. we never left the house Saturday. Today we had to go to the store and get a few things. I got kids Panera breakfast as we had an errand to run as well.

Tonight I sit here clean, full of liquids, and my chest feels very tight… My voice is raspy and Kodi is still walking around with a blanket over his head. He obviously doesn’t feel exactly well. He’s restless tonight.

Supper is made for tomorrow night as well as a duplicate meal put in the freezer… 🙂 So I didn’t do much the past two days. But they say rest is best when fighting something… Colt got over it quite quick missing only two days of school. Symone is refusing to miss tomorrow… But all 4 of us were so low-key and read, slept, and drank tons and ate things to help boost our immune systems… I’m hoping little grizzly will kick off soon… I only have a 1/2 day of work tomorrow… 🙂 Then have to take care of some things… But supper is made… chicken and biscuits… Kid’s love it.

Right now we are listening and singing the song “Sweet child O’ Mine!” Sung by: Taken by Trees. I Love that song. “I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain”

Kodi and his neb... and he held the hoses... He was so funny with this!!! :-)
Kodi and his neb… and he held the hoses… He was so funny with this!!! 🙂

I had to leave with this photo… It shows how sick my little guy get when exposed to a simple cold…. He needs more help that the average person…

🙂 🙂 Good night! Sleep tight my little animals! And no more sleep walking!!! I know it runs in the family but so does talking in sleep and the walking stuff scares me… Even when I do it and find out later what I was doing… 🙁 (I think the last time was when I was chasing the frogs in my bed and woke you all up and your dad was like “What frogs? what?” I kept saying that the kids put the frogs in the bed and I was trying to find the little things but since they were tree frogs they were stuck to the blankets or sheets and I was afraid I was squashing them? or that’s what you tell me anyway!) Lately though there is so much talking in sleep going on… I have to shut my door a little more because of the noise… So stop talking to the critters in your dreams pleassssse!!!! 🙂

Love you all!!! Hey are there any other sleep talkers and walkers out there that can share their stories… I know our family has sooooo many!!! 🙂


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  1. Andrea Osorio

    Well I am a sleep talker, or as my family tells me but we,won’t go there 🙂

    • I know… People tell you the strange things you do and say and your like “I DID NOT!” But when several tell you the same exact thing it’s kind of hard to deny… My brother is the worst!!! 🙂 but my mom does it too… Hmmm wonder where we get that from…

  2. Heheh. I remember you and you frog dream… That was so funny. I was so confused though. I woke up n the middle of the night to someone screaming, “GET THE FROGS! THOSE SILLY KIDS PUT FROGS IN HERE! GET ‘EM!!!” And colt and I looked at each other so confused… What made us think you were awake and not sleep talking was the fact you were crawling around on your bed and swatting the comforter… 🙂

  3. So many is right sorry for the sickness

  4. Barb Zilmer

    Just ask Mark about my sleep walking and talking he has many many stories:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Ahhhhh! Cool!!!! This should be fun!!! Yeah so Kodi is not the only reason we don’t get sleep…. 🙂 sometimes it’s one of us (yes including me)

      Have a great day… 🙂

  5. my oldest sleep walks and most of sleep talk too! I usually yell at the kids in my sleep too – evidently I’m a pretty grouchy sleeper.

    we own a neb and have all the meds on hand…my 12 yr still croups – small airways…colds are tough.

    i hope you feel better and back to yourself quickly! think of you every time we’re at Afton!

    • Hehehehe! Yes! Well what does it say when we are usually looking for a lost thing in our sleep or being chased? That’s usually what our issues are when we are on the move or talking… Sometimes it’s just babbling like we are talking another language…. 🙂

  6. most beautiful mom in the world, you are the best, see your eyes, look at your eyes, you are a goddess with those eyes, see the love the compassion, I love you, oh goddess

    • You are sooo funny! That’s such a awful photo of me… The little person behind me is my little sweety… It’s the only reason I didn’t crop me out…can’t figure out if Kodi is laughing or terrified!!!! But I don’t remember fighting with him. He willingly sat there so maybe he could tell it helped… 🙂

      • I don’t know I showed you pic with Kodiak to my mom, because you for me the best mom ever, I love you.
        you don’t know and my mom when I told her your story started crying, for me my mom is the best mom in the world , but while crying she told me this the best mom in the world, and I agree,

        I love you

  7. My wife sleep talks from time to time… usually nothing legible, but I’ll pick up a word here or there, and it’s invariably about work. She’s silly like that. Haven’t had any experience with sleep walking – can definitely see how that might be very scary. Oh my gosh, the little dream tree frogs getting squished in the bed sheets! Poor little froggies.