Sleeping? I think he had a party!

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Ok… So he did sleep Sunday night, went to school Monday and was a little too wild and mischievous when he got home and kept going to the table and walking around the table and knocking things off and laughing… 🙁 He ate a good supper… BBQ shredded roast with our homemade potato fries with olive oil, garlic cloves and shopped onions and a little sea salt and then corn… It looked like he didn’t even chew it… Just kept spooning it down like he was 1/2 starved. … He went to sleep crying in my arms last night… At around 8:45 pm. And when a DeafBlind Charger sleeps we must also… But we instead got homework and chores done. Poor Colt can hardly talk… CROUP! He did go to school but this morning as I was walking in the door to work he called me… Well I could not hear him because no sound cam out… He coughed and sounded like a seal barking… I consented that he could stay home but to then rest!

An empty childs bed is never a good thing to find... always make you freak until you find the kid...
An empty child’s bed is never a good thing to find… always make you freak until you find the kid…

When I went into boys room this morning before I left for work to take Kodi downstairs…I did not find what I expected… (but then I never find what I expect to find… both boys in bed sound asleep)

At first I worried Kodiak was not in his bed… then I realized I almost stepped on him…

I found like what I’d call an all night party and everyone crashed. I think Kodi must have been up and playing…

My party animal!
My party animal!

All his blankets and one pillow was on the floor and he was on the pile but his head was hanging down and on the hard floor. He was curled up and looked quite cold. Poor Baby!

I carried his 50 pounds downstairs and put him in the big chair and covered him up.

Just hope no one else gets sick. I have humidifiers going with Eucalyptus oil, Ricola honey lemon cough suppressant and throat drops for Colt and Kodi’s PCA made a wonderful chicken soup… Kodi got to go to Giggle Factory today and was upset he had to wait for the slide… Hmmm!!!
So I get to stay home with kids tonight instead of our usual Tuesday night meeting with friends and having Bible discussions… But we hope our sickest members heal quickly and the healthy ones stay that way!!! 🙂