Ugggg! No sleep last night!

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Well, he was hitting his eyes yesterday and last night and we couldn’t do anything to stop him. Nothing worked! He was still wide awake at 4:30 am and finally calmed down at 5:00 am this morning and now is still asleep! Now what! Wake him and then fight with him all day as he will be crabby? Or let him sleep more and hope he goes to bed earlier tonight. But he needed his meds at 8:00 with food. So here is the never-ending struggle of a single mom with 3 kids and Kodi being DeafBlind! Decisions that end up very difficult to make. So called “experts” will say to wake him up and give meds and eat. But they are not the ones that have to deal with him all day! We didn’t get sleep either. We have school and work tomorrow. He will be crabby most likely and hitting and head banging more than ever! Yes there is 3 of us here. Mom, big sister and big brother but none of us got sleep… So we all need to sleep and take shifts watching him. Then there is the “not fair” aspect as Colt was the one mostly wrestling with him all night so he shouldn’t have to do too much with him today but rather get rest! Besides now Colt now sounds hoarse and sick! His throat hurts so now I don’t want him around Kodiak and he should just go to bed and sleep…. we will have to figure out how to get things done and get sleep and help our little Kodiak to suffer the least!
I went to get him more melatonin because this last bottle we have had has not been working. It’s not the orange flavored one… But when I got there they were out! They don’t have a shipment coming in until Thursday. Besides the Melatonin we have we will not have enough. It just never ends. So now this will be a difficult week!
My parents went home so exhausted! Poor dears! I’m glad they were not still here.. They would be so much more exhausted!
Anyway! We will make today work but we won’t be able to get much done. And we are exhausted!


Just had to share another beautiful photo… Kodi could still see a little and loved this leaf and the sunlight shining on it… It was up at family cabin in Ely Mn.


I wonder if he remembers this? Poor little man. Had no idea how drastic his life would change back then. I really miss those beautiful eyes!

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  1. Love the photos…hope you find some rest today….