The MAD Zebra is back!

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Have you ever heard how different some animals sound? Have you ever heard a zebra? How about an angry one? Well if you get the chance then you will understand the awful loud sound that we all woke up to at 5:00 am this morning. He was making the mad zebra call, banging his head and giggling! Agggg! Didn’t we just get to bed at 12:45 am? He knocked out at 12:30 am. So here we go. Something is very funny! Something make him be like this. I’m so exhausted…. Colt and Kodiak share a room. Bunks to be exact. Poor kid. Symone went and got Kodiak and he laughs hysterically as if he knows the funniest joke in the world. You can’t be mad at him. We just deal with it. But I feel sleep deprivation coming on.
The thing is HE was so entertained, kept busy and should be tired. There is no pattern, rhyme or reason to this madness!!
Delayed full moon? Or maybe he spit out a med? Or he is just flat-out having a really good time in his head!!!! If I could bottle some of that energy and all those wild giggles!!!!
Well I should be happy he’s happy right?
I will be thankful for that one!


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  1. I like the cute mask! Laughing may be the best medicine — doesn’t help with your sleep deprivation. And, his brother’s reaction was supportive. Am learning a lot by reading your blog. So many similarities with Helen K. You can only hope with time and better communication, you can help unlock his world — especially with computers and all of the equipment available.