Man of many moods!

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Kodi had many moods in the short time I was around him today… I got him out of bed and brought him downstairs… He was wiggly before I left so I decided to give him hugs and kisses… He hugged me really tight. Aw!!! It was hard to leave and go to work… Nana and Papa and a good friend were here his new PCA. However it was hard.
I got home and he was Mr. Blanket-head again. Anyway, we ate supper Papa took older two on some errands and then Nana played with Kodi and toys on the floor. He was tossing the blocks and shedding clothes… So she decided it was time to pick up… He did so awesome! I got video of it as well but I can’t figure out how to load it yet… Maybe later!!!
Anyway, his reward was hugs, kisses, clapping and cheers!!! Oh! And he also got Peanut Butter M&M’s. Well, that just about made him nuts. He kept wanting MORE. And I said FINISHED! We got PJ’s on but then he wasn’t really ready to settle down. Awhile later he got so agitated with his PJ’s it was like he was crawling out of the shirt. He got very rigid and his heart was racing and he was getting wild and aggressive! It was now 2 1/2 hours after he got his meds and he should have been out a long time before that. He was so agitated, then giggle, then crying, aggressive, hitting his left eye, etc. I decided I was not going to fight any longer with him. We went for a drive. 1 1/2 hours later he was asleep on Symone’s lap after I drove, we all sang and he finally went to sleep. It’s 12:45 am… I’m tired!!!
Saw the moon!!! Not full! Bright orange and a huge slice taken off the top of it 🙂