A day like every other (sort of)

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Where do I begin? I went to work and my 3 babies kids slept in. They picked up messes and took good care of Kodiak. I went to the store on the way home. Picked up supper and groceries. Then we all did our little projects and waited for Nana and Papa to arrive. Yeah. Kodi was hitting his left eye again and crying. Poor baby!
They got here around 8:15pm. Kodiak was already medicated, fed, warm and relaxed. We put on his new eye mask that our dear friend found. Where she found the owl mask and now this one I have no idea… But I put it on to take a photo. It was really cool. He settled right into the chair and when they came in with all their stuff and all the colt fresh air he only slightly wiggled. I’m sure they found it very difficult when I said not to disturb him. But hugs can happen tomorrow after we all get sleep. 🙂
Never ever wake a hibernating or sleepy grizzly!!!




So tonight as he hits his eyes… I decided the red angry bird mask fit the best! Thanks Heather… The owl is in the dryer… It needed another bath!!!

Love you all!