Northern Lights

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There is a plus side to being up all night… we are not storm chasers… but we do chase these on occasion when they drift south in our zone… 🙂

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  1. Beautiful, what a treat! My wife and I saw the Aurora once back in the late 1980’s. The conditions were such that we saw them all the way down here in Northern California. It freaked us out until we figured out what we were looking at.

    • I remember seeing them the very first time as a kid… I fell in love… I’ve always been very fascinated and Kodiak actually got to see them here northern WI and MN when he could see… we held him out the moon-roof and he was laughing hysterically… they were green, red, blue, purple and he was wild… The chasing part has become a family event… when well rested we get the Aurora Borealis alerts and off we go…