Another FULL MOON!

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Mr. Blanket head with an owl mask is not wild child yet. It’s a full moon however also snowy. This has a tendency to mellow him out a little. While he is not wild but rather mellow doesn’t mean anything yet. Sometimes the snow will just delay the manic wild child a few hours. So it still can happen in the next few days. Right now I’m just trying to get him to be quiet and calm and sit by me for a while. The little stinker keeps signing “more” but I know he can’t fit one more thing in that rock hard tummy of his.
I’m trying to warm him up because he’s so ice-cold. You know full tummy, warm hands and feet, calm Mommy and meds and next thing comes sleep. Well, I’m trying but he keeps signing “more” and I don’t want him to puke. That is worse than no sleep and wild child…
I’m still sore from skiing and snow boarding! I hope some day I can actually not be sore from those two things… It must be because when I play…. I give my all! Hey! Now I know where Colt gets it…
Ok. I will post later if my child gets wild or gets up early because it will be Saturday am… 🙂

I love you my babies! Sleep good tonight! Colt do your homework first!!! Get ER DONE!!!





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  1. Andrea Osorio

    Hope you have a peaceful and calm night and Saturday. I hope you have a peaceful night sleep. Love you guys.