My little grizzly turns owl!

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I still am so sore and can not move. Ok, so this really really cracks me up! First Symone nice job in making Kodi brush his teeth… But what’s with the owl mask still on? Oh! Good grief! He Looks soo funny!!!
My little grizzly has turned in to an owl! Funny thing is an owl has amazing vision and my grizzly now has none!
This little CHARGEr has made me laugh again today. He is so precious. And I got them out of the house. They were home today so I figured they needed a little drive and break and supper. Well Kodiak will not part with the owl mask… Help! I NEEEED to wash it…
Chow for now and GNight my precious little ones!!!



4 Responses

  1. Mom, it was Anna that got kodi to brush his teeth, not me. 😉

  2. That mask sure is cute on him! Good job big sister! Hope today’s a good one too!

  3. I love the owl!