We Get a Break!

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So at times we all do get some time just the 3 of us. But the whole time I feel guilt. Kodiak was in good hands with two dear friends that know him well and have taken care of him several times… Anyway but there are times we like to do things that I know would just be very hard on Kodi.  Like yesterday it was very cold. Hovering around zero and windy…

Colt getting ready.
Colt getting ready.
And he's off... Hey! Watch out!!!
And he’s off… Hey! Watch out!!!

Yes the sun was out but still it was cold. I started out skiing… but after the sprained thumb the ski poles we not my friend yesterday.  I got to tired of holding the pole. And I don’t want to be a baby but my hand was hurting so bad.  Kind of like a cramp in my hand kind of pain but it was not cramped.  Anyway, My kids were not sure what to say when I offered to switch to boarding.  Well!!!! I was just getting irritated with the rental boots and ski’s. I busted my ski’s last year so I had to rent… My shins were hurting, my feet were cold, my hand was hurting and so I gave in… Now… how many mom’s out there who love to ski leisurely down the slopes would ever take on boarding… I’m not bragging but I was born in 70, and I have to say there are not many mom’s out there my age even skiing… I did not see another mom out that was even close to my age boarding. So I have to say, I was already in pain, I was exhausted this past 2 weeks from working long hours, also emotionally and mentally exhausted. So “why?”. Because, I love my kids. I was completely bored… Yes! I would get off the life and stand and wait for them to strap their boards on… then we get to ski a little unil someone wipes out.  So what? Then I have to stop and wait again.  If your not having much fun? Join them right? It’s what I grew up hearing… So I did… My kids “you want to go on the bunny hill?” “NO!” Everyone watches the bunny hill. So we went up… well I was so exhausted! It was a slow start because the hill was too easy… Kind of riding a bike really slow??? I did have some terrific wipe outs and I’m very sore.. But it’s not impossible… I didn’t go down that many times… about 4 to be specific… but it was about all I could do even skiing… I just flat out was so tired.  We left early and did not close down the hill… my kids were wiped out.  We drove to neighbors and took care of their pup and then drove and picked up Kodiak.  My poor little bug… I love him so much… I missed him all day.  He was asleep and never woke up all night.

Next year? I really don’t know… I came home and took 2 Aleave and went to bed… I slept like a rock… I did not even dream (at least I didn’t have the kind that wake me up) I got up very slowly and showered and went to work.  I worked from 7 am to 7 pm.  I was very sore today… But I did earn respect from my kids.  They are impressed I think…

She's ready but also taking a breather
She’s ready but also taking a breather

Symone is the best but then she has more hours boarding than the rest of us…

And she's off... Hey wait for me!!!
And she’s off… Hey wait for me!!!

Colt fractured his arm right away last year… so this was like his  first time boarding like me… He’s better than me…

I’m not sure I like it… I don’t like it better than skiing… wipe outs hurt!!! (I did not have a helmet) I was afraid I’d get hurt and not be able to drive us home… But I was going nuts with the ski boots that hurt.  The boarding boots are much more comfortable and not so stiff… I don’t like going down the hill side ways… (or backwards if you lose control of that one) and I don’t like falling on my knees or “sit-downer” and whiplash is a higher probability when you wipe out  I don’t like having to take on boot out and put back on so much. I hate having to sit down and strap in on… however my thumb hurt so bad that probably made it worse. There is not an easy way down… anyway…

And then there is me... I made it safe and we really didn't get hurt...
And then there is me… I made it safe and we really didn’t get hurt…

I’m being negative about boarding… but if I was better I could see going back an forth for a more complete work out… the muscles you use are different… with skis you go from side to side… boarding you go from toes to heels.  So it’s different… all around.. so I guess unless you have not tried it you can’t really be a critic and judge… try it… No matter your age… You might be a lover of boarding and then again you might be a hater… then you can judge.:-)

I love you Kodi… Now your are asleep next to me and I will be carrying you up to your bed on the 2nd floor… My tired sore muslces will have to work some more tonight…

Good night my little ones. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bugs bite… only the love bugs!  Sweet dreams to everyone!

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  1. Andrea Osorio

    Looks like alot of fun. Wish we were there.

    • Do you like Skiing? boarding? You should bring them up next year… it would be a blast… Hopefully my brother and sister in law and girls will join us next year… again!!! We missed them this year…

  2. Beautiful sunny photo and beautiful child!

  3. Love this. I started snowboarding last year after the people who took care of my son while Brent was in the hospital for 5 weeks taught him. My two friends took me snowboarding the day he returned to work and I broke my wrist! I turned around and bought my board the next day. After Brent got sick and then better, I decided our family was going to snowboard…so we’re all geared up – 6 boards, helmets, bindings, boots, wrist guards (:) ), and three who can pretty proficiently snowboard and the other three of us. I’m learning – I refuse to quit!

    I’m glad you got a few minutes of respite and some time out. I can’t imagine how hard it is to leave your little one….you sound like an amazing family!

    • Wow! On my income I don’t know how I could get us boards etc. We go once a year and save all year.. My daughter though begs… I’m trying to get a foundation and trust for Kodiak. So we can do fund raisers to help with things and then to take Kodi more to water parks that he loves and I guess there are programs for kids DeafBlind and that have special needs where they will take them down hills like this… But that means we have to pay and I can’t seem to find the programs. We prefer the whole family events. But sometimes we just have to get help and go ourselves.
      Thank you for sharing your experience…. Yeah! Another mom… 🙂

  4. OMWord!! I just realized you must be in our area – we go to Afton all the time!! We just joined and are learning – hence previous comment……

    We’ve seen Dr. Ballard as well. We used to go there until our insurance and billing issues became more than I could handle so we switched out to St. Paul Eye Clinic. My son has strabismus and amblyopia.

    I thought the area looked simliar to Afton but didn’t realize it until I read your post of posts and saw Dr. Feyma and Dr. Ballard listed. I recognized both names and then started reading your tags.

    Maybe I have realized this before, but now in my coffee consumed awareness I am fully realizing it.

    May you have a peaceful day.


    • Yes we live just across the river from Afton. Can you believe Vail bought them out? Love Afton.
      Dr Ballard is a sweet heart. I will have to look up what your son has. You said he got sick? Is this the son? Are his eyes related to some other illness? Will he lose his vision from it? I only ask because prepare him now if you can. I lived I denial that it would happen. Had Dr. Polly Quiram seen him sooner there might have been something she could have done sooner to prevent or postpone what happened to his vision.
      So you know Dr Feyma… His team is the best. I know what you mean about ins etc… Bills bills bills… It’s absolutely crazy!

  5. My son is cross eyed. It’s nothing more than that. He wears bi-focals and has since he was two. He can see and is in no danger of losing his vision. Brent is my husband who suddenly last year got septic staph infection that put him in kidney, liver, and heart failure .. along with rabdomylisis and staph pneumonia. He was on life support for 10 days. He’s fully recovered and back to his normal self. I don’t remember why exactly we saw Dr. Feyma but I remember the name. One of my kids had some heart issues before she was born but ended up being nothing to worry about….that may have been when we met with Dr. Feyma….I can’t remember to be honest. Which I suppose is a good thing…..

    I hope the Vail thing doesn’t raise the prices anymore! It’s crazy expensive! We did something we don’t do – used credit to buy the pass. But if the six of us go three times (which we’ve already done) it pays for itself…..

    We see Dr. Todd Wantanabe at St. Paul Eye – he’s awesome…..

  6. You are like a wonder mom! I would love to try snowboarding! By the way, I replied to the comment you posted on my blog under “did I mention leigha”. 🙂

  7. Hope you aren’t too sore from the snowboarding!

  8. That was fun mom… I want to go again… We still have snow…. Can we?