Rest and Recover

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Kodi was up until 2:30 am this morning. Colt stayed up with him and then got to sleep in. Kodi had a fever still this am but it want away as the day went along. He lounged in the chair with a blanket over his head most of the day coming out to get a bite or food or a drink of water etc. he would sit there and giggle. A lot less crying and a little more eating.
I don’t remember a more restful weekend in a very long time. It was much needed I think by all of us. Hopefully no more sickness!!!
I got caught up. News about shootings, child cancers, world news and other things. So many sad sad things. It’s not forever though!!!
Everyone is all tucked into beds. Concussions and fevers much better. Lots of rest for everyone.


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  1. I was sssssssooooooootired!!!